Words of Inspiration is a buff in State of Decay.

Description Edit

Words of Inspiration (WOI) Edit

"PASTOR WILLIAM. Restores your Maximum Stamina."

Words of Encouragement (WOE) Edit

"LILY RITTER. Restores your Maximum Stamina."

Unlocking Edit

  • In State of Decay, WOI becomes available some time after the mission The Vet Clinic is completed and last as long as Pastor William Mulroney is alive.
  • In Breakdown, WOI is available if the player has Pastor William Mulroney in the community and is not playing as him.
  • WOE is available in Breakdown only, and is unlocked right from the beginning.

Features Edit

  • Cost: 20 Influence
  • Stack: 1
  • Recharge Time: 60 minutes
  • Effects: Restore maximum Stamina.
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