Whitney Field is a potential home site in State of Decay 2 and the largest of which within Meagher Valley.


Whitney Field is located in southern Meagher Valley.

Claiming Requires: Edit

  • 3,500 influence
  • 8 survivors

Facilities Edit

Existing facilities:

  • 1 Sheltered Beds [Removable]
  • 1 Announcer Box
  • 1 Fortified Bleachers [Watchtower 2]
  • 1 Outdoor Beds 2 [Removable]
  • 1 Outdoor Beds [Removable]
  • 4 Parking
  • 1 Fortified Bleachers [Watchtower 2]

Open slots:

  • 3 Large Slots
  • 2 Small Outdoor Slots

Resource CapacityEdit

Defense Strategies Edit

Being the largest base in the region, Whitney Field will most likely attract more zombies than other, smaller home sites. The Fortified Bleachers help remedy this, but the low walls and fences surrounding the field mean that zombies will more frequently breach the perimeter, especially when following survivors who are returning home in vehicles.

The Announcer Box can be used to trigger a zombie siege, after which the overall noise and threat level will be significantly reduced for a period of time. It can also play white noise, which temporarily reduces the threat level, but has a survivor morale penalty.

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