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Character Info
Wendell Higgins por Wendell Higgins

Eccentric historian, best known for his collection of antique dictionaries.

Traits Absent-Minded, Eccentric, Enjoyed Antiquing, Historian
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Research, Hoarding
Inventory Lead Pipe

(Breakdown) Rusty Pipe

Relations Unknown

Wendell Higgins is a non-player character in State of Decay. The player encounters him at the Ranger Station on Mt. Tanner, along with Thomas Ritter and Sheila Brookstone. In the DLC Breakdown he becomes a playable character, with randomly generated name but keeps the same description and traits.

Missions involving the characterEdit


  • He is one of the of the two survivors (the other being Sheila Brookstone) that may begin the game suffering from "Cracked Ribs" and be non-responsive when spoken to.
  • After the player returns from rescuing Maya, the corpses of Wendell, Sheila and Thomas are lying on the floor at the Ranger Station. It is unknown whether one of them turned and attacked the other, or the zombies have overrun the Ranger Station.


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