Vehicles are the only means of transportation in State of Decay 2. They allow players to travel from place to place much faster and safer. There are more vehicle types in State of Decay 2 than its predecessor. Vehicle upgrades are a new feature that allows all vehicles to improve durability, speed, and handling.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Unlike the first game, there doesn't seem to be a set number of vehicles in a game world. After moving a vehicle from a spawn point, another vehicle replaces after awhile.

Fuel[edit | edit source]

Vehicles in State of Decay 2 consume fuel. Fuel consumption can be lessened by characters with the Driving quirk skill or by owning an Auto Shop. Fuel can be loaded back into a vehicle by using a gas can. Gas cans have a larger effect on the fuel meter of a small car rather than a large one (this results in cars with larger fuel tanks effectively spending less fuel).

Speed & Control[edit | edit source]

Handling of vehicles follow expected conventions. Large, heavy vehicles are slower and have large turn radii. Smaller vehicles generally turn better and are usually faster.

Noise[edit | edit source]

Vehicles make various amounts of noise. Larger vehicles and economy vehicles don't typically make a lot of noise compared to sporty vehicles. Horns can be used to honk to lure zombies. This can be used to great effect in co-op for creating a distraction. Headlights can turn on and off as well. Upgraded vehicles seem to make more noise across the board, but that's unconfirmed.

Durability[edit | edit source]

Larger, heavy vehicles can plow through more zombies than the smaller ones. They can also survive more crashes. All vehicles seem to get a boost in durability after getting upgraded.

Damage[edit | edit source]

Damage to vehicles is separated into areas, so smashing a zombie with your door won't damage your engine, hitting a zombie with your front won't damage the driver door, etc. Vehicles do not have health bars, the condition of the car is indicated by marks, dents, engine sound and overall shape of the vehicle. Vehicle damage can be seen on all parts of a vehicle. When a vehicle has its engine sufficiently damaged, it explodes, and when a car door is damaged enough, it will fly off.

There are no penalties to the back of your vehicle being damaged, so it can be a good idea to smash zombies with your trunk to avoid vehicle damage.

Repair[edit | edit source]

Toolkits and advanced toolkits are used to repair vehicles. The normal toolkit repairs the vehicle slowly and it may require multiple toolkits to fully repair the vehicle, while advanced toolkits repair vehicles to 100% condition with only one toolkit, and does so in about a second. The advanced toolkit can be especially useful when your vehicle is completely destroyed, as it repairs it back to full health immediately.

Toolkits can be created at workshops starting at level 2 as long as you have a survivor with the Mechanics skill. Automechanics allows crafting of advanced toolkits as well as normal ones, with the advanced toolkits costing more parts to make.

All vehicles can be restored to mint condition with toolkits.

Storage[edit | edit source]

Any item can be loaded into the trunk of a vehicle. When a vehicle is parked at home base, the player can transfer items from the trunk of the car into the supply locker or rucksacks into storage. The rucksack into storage auto deposit function didn't make a return from the first game.  As one would expect, a car does not have as many inventory spots as a pickup truck. Players may find vehicles like the Pilato or Cargo Van more useful for hauling a large amount of items rather than a car that can reach higher speeds. The main exception is the Brogan Trekker that can carry 8 inventory slots.

Vehicles & Zombies[edit | edit source]

Zombies can cling to a vehicle and damage it to the point where the car will shut down. The longer zombies stay on a car, the more damage they will inflict upon it. Zombies that cling on the doors, if left unchecked, will rip off the doors, grab survivors within reach and drag them out of the car. Players can open their doors to hit zombies, as well as sending zombies off by drifting or abruptly stopping the car or driving the zombies into an obstacle, which will most likely result in the death of the zombies.

The impact will kill zombies if the car is going fast enough and can cause damage to the vehicle.

Some Freaks also have their own special interactions with vehicles. Ramming a Juggernaut head-on will damage it quite a bit, and will usually completely stop the vehicle. Also, it will also severely damage your vehicle, often losing a door and causing the engine to smoke

Driving into a Bloater will cover the car in its ichor for some time, causing a sharp depletion of health for all survivors on board, and possibly causing them to get sick.

Ferals seem less likely to dodge in State of Decay 2 and will generally rush straight at the player's vehicle. They latch onto and can quickly do a lot of damage to a vehicle.

Comparison of Vehicles[edit | edit source]

There are some cars that are variants of the same base vehicle. When vehicles are upgraded, they upgrade into the same vehicle as the rest of their variants. For example, the survey car and brogan trekker both upgrade into the Hellion which only has 5 storage slots.

Name Seats Storage Notes
Ambulance 2 6 Has less cargo space then other van types
Royale 4 4 Similar to a Ford Crown Victoria
Taxi 4 4
Police Cruiser 4 4 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
Pilato 4 6 Looks like a Chevrolet Tahoe
Pilato CR 4 6
Miragra 4 4 Looks like a VW Jetta and Modern Sedan
Miragra NT 4 4
Passenger Van 4 8 Similar to Ford E-series
Repair Van 2 8
Cargo Van 2 8
Brogan 4 6 Similar to Subaru hatchbacks
Brogan Sport 4 5
Brogan Rapscallion 4 5
Brogan Trekker 4 8
Survey Car 4 5 Similar to Google Maps street view cars
Maximillian 2 4 Similar to 1973 Ford Falcon (Mad Max Reference)
Legendre 4 4 Looks like an old Chevy Impala
Rhames V 6 6 Nod to Ving Rhames.
Utility Truck 6 6
Military Truck 6 6
Vagabond 2 6 Looks like a Jeep Wrangler
Desperado 2 6
Road Racer 2 3 Looks like a Mazda Miata
Norma 4 6 Looks like a 1960-1966 Chevy Truck

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Vehicles in State of Decay 2 can be upgraded, unlike the first game. There are light, medium, and heavy upgrade kits that can be applied to vehicles. These upgrade kits are typically paired with vehicle types, so light kits upgrade cars, medium kits upgrade trucks, and heavy kits upgrade vans, with some exceptions. While these upgrades can sometimes be found on wandering traders, the Auto Shop is required to build these upgrade kits. Upgrade kits can be created in another player's base and then taken back to your own game state to apply on your vehicles.

Light upgrades cost 15 scraps of circuitry, 70 parts, and 4 materials. Medium upgrades cost 10 scraps of circuitry, 85 parts, and 4 materials. Heavy upgrades cost 5 scraps of circuitry, 100 parts, and 4 materials.

Vehicles with the same base will upgrade into the same upgraded vehicle. All van types will upgrade into Vandito with 4 passenger slots and 8 inventory slots.

Objectively, not all upgraded vehicles are superior to their non-upgraded counterpart. In certain circumstances, you may prefer non-upgraded vehicles. Maximilian loses two inventory slots upon becoming Mega Max. Brogan Trekker loses three inventory slots once upgraded. The Utility Truck forgoes its plow once it becomes Viking. The Police Cruiser and Ambulance lose their sirens upon becoming Kaiser and Vandito, respectively.

Name Seats Storage Notes
Vandito 4 9 Comes from Van (Heavy Kit)
Hellion 4 5 Comes from Brogan (Light Kit)
Smashwagon 4 7 Comes from Pilato (Heavy Kit)
Road Mangler 2 3 Comes from Road Racer (Light Kit)
Trail Beast 2 6 Comes from Vagabond and Desperado (Light Kit)
Viking 4 6 Comes from Trucks except Military Truck (Medium Kit)
Mega Max 2 4 Comes from Maximilian (Medium Kit)
Wichita ES 4 7 Comes from Miragra (Medium Kit)
Impaler 4 4 Comes from Legendre (Medium Kit)
Kaiser 4 4 Comes from Royale, Taxi, Police Cruiser (Heavy Kit)
Big Boss 6 6 Comes from Military Truck and adds ramming grill (Heavy Kit)
Baron 4 6 Comes from Norma (Light Kit)
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