We settled in Meagher Valley. Greg and Clo picked up with us on our way into town, she was infected with the plague. We got into an old house on the outskirts pretty early in the morning. Sim, the doc, got an infirmary set up straight away and had me and Greg run out to find some plague samples.

Ran into a guy called Bruno, knew his way around the plague hearts. He's holed up in our garage now, along with this guy Aman, music geek, keeps muttering about some kid and a mace. I'll find out what he's talking about soon enough. We had a barista stop through as well, gave us a pretty nifty antique handgun, 1911. She didn't stick around, but this weird, quiet woman did. Don't know her name yet, doesn't open up much.

We've got a bit of a thing going on here. Nice little place, but it's not going to hold us all. I'm gonna start scouting some bigger places across the river in the morning. My XO might have ditched, but I'm gonna do everything I can to protect these people.

- Pugh

I'm gonna do these every so often for my community as I play through the game. Hope if anyone is reading them, that you enjoy them.

- Connaire