I'm intrigued on the faces of the survivors from State of Decay 2, and I'm trying to find all of the faces in the game. However, I don't have the game yet, but I'm planning to purchase it once I get Windows 10, and I'm not allowed to own an Xbox One as I own a PS4.

I tried taking screenshots of each face from a pdf file containing all the models of the game. However, the faces tend to repeat there. There are a total of 56 faces in the game according to the 3D Face Scan Credits, and I only took 41 of the females. I'll try to do the male faces soon.

If anyone can help me find all the face models of the game, all of them facing forward, with their forehead visible and not wearing anything that could cover their face, I'll appreciate it. Otherwise, I might need help on how to extract those faces from the game files for reference purposes (I want to draw them sometime.)

Here's my attempt at capturing the female faces of State of Decay 2 from the said pdf file so far:

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