Hello, I once played breakdown for 17 hours almost non stop, I got sooooo into it. It was so epic that when all was said and done i wished i had kept records of it, like who were my origonal survivours, who died in what location etc etc

So thats what i have decided to do now, so hoipefully the admis wont delete this ( or give me time to copy and paste the data before they do )

So im playing on level 2 for the whole game and not using the RV. I have played on level 5 and have unlocked like 85 per cent of the heros and they will appear randomly in the enclaves in level 2, so its all good.



i Chose Jacob to start with, makes sense to me as he is Lillys brother and she has to be in the community at all times spawned with -

Lincoln Voss ( hero )

Andy Pimms ( hero )

Braeden Calabresi

Lilly Ritter

I started off at Jurassic Junction, not a bad place to start. I had some neighbours a few steps away from the busted RV, K.C Winters was among them,, another hero with good stats. Im currently trying to build my community up to 10 people and gather enough materiels to not only move to the Fairground, but pimp it out to the max, im guessing im going to need at least 100 materiels, should not be an issue on level 2.