The DLC Lifeline introduced about 50 new traits, as well as added extra effects to those already featured in Storyline and Breakdown. Notably, all traits are now designed to have an effect on gameplay, as opposed to the large amount of "flavor" traits in previous gameplay modes.

For existing categories of traits, see the Traits page. Lifeline also introduces a few new categories, including but not limited to "Leader", "Conflict" and "Rank."

  • Leader: What type of leader the character is. This only takes effect when the character becomes the Commanding Officer of Black Friday.
  • Conflict: This is a hidden trait, representing the character's personality. Various visible traits give characters different personalities, that might cause conflict with the opposite personaliites resulted from another traits. For example, characters with the "Avid Surfer" trait will have the "Lax" trait, and will sometime clash with those with "Obsessive" trait (resulted from "Fitness Guru", among other traits).
  • Rank: When a CO (commanding officer) of Black Friday (i.e Alicia Hawkes) is killed in action, the character with the second highest rank will become CO. Only characters of certain ranks are qualified to be CO. If there is no characters that can fulfill the requirement, the game is over.

List of TraitsEdit

Note: Since most traits now have a mix of positive and negative effects, they will simply be listed by categories, then in alphabetical order.


Name Description Effect(s)
Bossy Conflicts with Rebel
Rebel Conflicts with Bossy
Obsessive Conflicts with Lax
Lax Conflicts with Obsessive
Psycho Conflicts with Pacifist
Pacifist Conflicts with Psycho
Annoying Conflicts with Touchy
Touchy Conflicts with Annoying
Argumentative Tends to intensify conflicts
Peacemaker Chance to pre-resolve conflicts


Name Description Effect(s)
Bad Call Made a bad call in the heat of battle that cost lives. Was never officially blamed for the incident, but can't let go of it. Has become extra cautious as a result.
  • Obsessive
Band Nerd Spent hours blowing into a brass instrument every day ... possibly at the expense of a social life. (Bonus Stamina)
  • Obsessive
  • Adds Sousaphone skill
  • Stamina Bonus
Deadeye Spends hours at the range every week. Practice makes perfect. (Firearms Bonus)
  • Bonus Shooting XP
  • Shooting + 2
Lived in the South Pacific Got every imaginable shot while traveling in the Pacific. No disease is going to get by this immune system.


Name Description Effect(s)
Dakimakura Has trouble sleeping without his favorite Dakimakura. (Reduced Stamina)
  • Stamina Penalty
Trophy Hunter I've got a huge collection of heads mounted on the walls of my cabin. Don't worry, they're mostly animal heads. (Bonus to Firearms)
  • Shooting +3
Vegan Refuses to kill or exploit animals on moral grounds. Takes great care to manage nutrition. (Bonus Health, Cooking Expert)


Name Description Effect(s)
Avid Surfer Loves nothing more than the thrill of catching a killer wave. (Cardio Bonus)
Basic Training Went through the same training gauntlet that shapes every new soldier. Came out with essential combat and survival skills, and the ability to jog all day carrying a full pack.
Rock Climber I love to cling to life by my fingertips, in the face of certain death. (Physical Powerhouse with Good Reflexes)
Sniper Qualified Went through the intensive training in marksmanship and decision-making that defines a qualified sniper.


Name Description Effect(s)
Organized Leader Very good at coordinating large groups of people and multiple interlocking schemes. Always a step ahead of every problem. See Ops Center
Strict Leader A forceful leader who gives orders and expects them to be obeyed. Does not tolerate whining or dissent. See Ops Center
Compassionate Leader The kind of leader that everyone loves to serve. Puts the needs of individuals first, and their own goals second. See Ops Center


Name Description/Note Effect(s)
Private Abbreviation Pvt.
Private First Class Abbreviation Pfc.
Specialist Abbreviation Spc.
Corporal Abbreviation Cpl.
Sergeant Abbreviation Sgt.
Lieutenant Abbreviation Lt.
Captain Abbreviation Cpt.
Major Abbreviation Maj.
Lieutenant Colonel Abbreviation Ltc.
Colonel Abbreviation Col.
Warrant Officer Abbreviation WO.
Commanding Officer In command of this entire operation, and of base Black Friday.
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