• Right now, I have unlocked all level 2 down Heroes, except for The Killer - Alan Gunderson.  I know that you need to mercy kill a survivor, but how do I trigger the mission?  I have a base of 30 survivors, 10 gravely ill, each have been like this for 2 days with no medical area.  But still, nothing.  Any tips on getting the mission?

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    • I may or may not have found my answer, needs confirmation - do survivors need to get the black fever to be eligible and is the only way to do so to stay in rotter fumes?

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    • I need to get this survivor too!  Anyone know how, I've only got him and 2 others for level 4.

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    • I went on a zed hunt with a survivor in someone elses community ( I like how they added that into the Breakdown for trade and stuff ) and since it was a rotter hunt I had just planned on shotting it but the other survivor decided as soon as I opened the door he would run inside. Doing so the rotter exploded and I waited for him to come out but he didnt, a zombie did. The next time i looked I noticed that I had lost trust with that enclave. Anyone else have this problem?

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    • Question above is unrelated, start a new thread, but on topic is it possible that this can only be done on survivors you are need friended with?  Because I have been on level 3 with 10 gravely ill survivors, no medicine, and no infirmary for 5 days's getting really annoying now.  As all of them are befiended, and I don't want to start at level 1 again with my leveled good characters, can this be confirmed by anyone who has gotten the challege?

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    • bump

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    • Finally found it!  Can really only be done on level 1, as it requires someone not befriended.  Get them sick by not having medicine and a medical facility, leading them to a bloater on a mission, ect.  Eventually they will get gravely ill, and the mission will pop up.

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    • I just did it by killing the Hero I started with...after 2 real life days.  After a game restart, several of my people who were Sick (Fever Mostly) switched to Gravely Ill, and 5 mins later the mission popped.

      I also heard another person mention killing a "Friend" so I would assume you can use a friend to get a Mercy Killing.

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    • I found it worked if you had no medic area, no character with medical experience, and little to no meds as a resource. 

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    • i have 0 medicine, no medical area and nobody with medical experience. Yet, people get gravley ill and i wait a day (real time) next time i get on, that person is all better.

      so i don't understand this one at all.

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    • I think its just random. very low chance but when it does happen you dont wanna have a medical center or medicine or they will get better. so just not have medicine, medical center, or person that knows medicine and just wait. rumors are the person has to be in your group but not friends with you (AKA you cant play as that character). rumors also say that you need to be playing the game for it to happen because in one update they made it so the simulation going on while your not playing wont kill any of your community members. 

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    • I found a helpful workaround on another forum...

      Start a new game and have Lily look for new survivors right away. Every group you recruit, make sure you try and run them over/set them on fire (ie get them hurt). Have no med area, and dont fix/build a kitchen. Once you have a survivor get sick, save your game, unplug your xbox from the internet, and change the date on your xbox making it one day later. Reload the game. Repeat this process until you have an unfriend survivor who is "gravely ill" and "away from home". Have them check-in, find them and tell them to come back to the house. Lily should give you the mercy shot mission shortly after. After you get it, save the game, and reconnect to the internet/xbox live. Reload the game, then start and complete the mission. The whole process took me maybe 45 minutes, and most of that was spent recruiting/injuring my survivors.

      I cannot confirm that "friends" can be mercy killed as I had similar experiences as the rest of you with large survivor camps of gravely ill people who were friends. I never got the mission option. I also think you have to have them check in when they are away from home, as I had a few gravely ill survivors at home but never got the mercy kill mission. Once I had the gravely ill ones check in and recovered them, I got the mission almost immediately.

      I know the clock thing is a little cheap, but it seems like you can't get the mission with friends (at least in my experience) and doing anything substantive in the game (supply runs, zed hunts, survivor recruitment) slowly builds friendship and before you know it, you're "friends" with the guy whose arm you broke while running him over after you set him on fire. Who wants to just sit around and not do anything while you wait for characters you can't play to get sick?

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    • The 'clock thing' as described above works for the PC version as well. I had no problems as restarting just to get one achievement was far more annoying than fooling the game.

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    • Can't believe I didn't see the Check in button until now. Gotta try this and see if I can get a free Mk. 15.

      • Edit: The trick works. A non-friend and sick survivor triggered the Mercy Shot mission.
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    • You can get the mercy kill mission with friends. I unlocked Alan by killing Amelia "The Fighter" who I started the playthrough with. Glad I didn't have to go through with all this to get him. I was on level 4 with an infirmary and 15 or so medicine. She still got sick. Maybe a higher level increases the rate that survivors get the mission.

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    • Still trying to get this achievement after 4 real days on level 8 with no infirmary, no meds, no beds, no kitchen, and 10 survivors that have been sick with 'fever' for those 4 days.  I've even immediately sacrificed any survivor that has any medical expertise.  Essentially, my home base is a mess and everyone's been sick for a long time but this mission hasn't popped up.  I have a feeling it's a bit on the random side, since the person above me had it happen with an infirmary and medicine on hand.

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    • It worked great.

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    • I made it, Savini house, no fixed kitchen called fro survivors right away, I killed most of my playable characters (I truly don´t think this step was quite necessary but I think it was worth mentioning it anyway) killed any character with any sort of medicine experience, hurted all of my non-friend characters, denied all of their missions, did not collect any medicine supply bag,and just kept them home until they got sick, from there it was just simply to wait, every couple of hours I checked back my game to see how thing were going, it merelytook me 2 days from the moment I got one guy sick with fever, to the point in which I managed to find a gravelly ill-away from home survivor, right after that I got the mission just a couple of minutes after asking them to come back home

      It worked perfectly. thanks a lot fellas.

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    • Worked for me as well. 

      1) Get some extra survivors (you'll probably want two extra groups of them just in case)

      2) Make sure not to do their missions so you aren't friends

      3) Don't build a medical area or have many meds in stock

      4) Advance cpu/xbox clock by 1 day at a time until you get a gravely ill away from home person

      5) Check in with that person and tell them you need them at home

      6) Wait until the mission pops

      7) Recruit Alan Gunderson

      8) Kill Alan in the cruelest way possible because he deserves it

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    • wrote:
      Right now, I have unlocked all level 2 down Heroes, except for The Killer - Alan Gunderson.  I know that you need to mercy kill a survivor, but how do I trigger the mission?  I have a base of 30 survivors, 10 gravely ill, each have been like this for 2 days with no medical area.  But still, nothing.  Any tips on getting the mission?

      It seems to be totally random, I got the prompt with an active medical lab and plenty of medical supplies. All you need is for someone to get sick and stay sick long enough

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    • Hey it´s me, the guy wo talked about the Savini house and no fixed anything two posts above this I restarted a breakdown game, and I started as the scientist..Ok then after a while without medicine, it turned out my character Walter (The scientist I started with) got sick, and after a mission, he actually had to be mercy-shot! I had zero Medicine, BUT I did had an infirmary so at least for what I have seen your playable characters CAN get sick and die this way too.

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    • This achievement is complete BS. I pretty much had to purposely do it. I played the game foreal so it wasn't possible. If you are any level higher than 1 it is hard/impossible to allow someone to join your community and not be your friend. I started at level 1 and got influebce points without building anything (especially a med center and made sure there were no medical specialists. Then get influence point to offer shelter to survivors ASAP. There will most likely be someone who isnt automatically your friend. Before I picked them up I did "reckless driving and hit them until they held their stomach showing they were injured. I took two survivors who weren't friends yet home. THE FACT THAT THEY'RE NOT FRIENDS IS IMPORTANT (WHY THIS IS COMPLETE BS). Next I turned my game off for a day(or you can boost your clock a day if you know how). Then start the game and play for a bit, since you have no med supplies, no med facility or med expert they will not recover(if it worked like it did for me) and a mission should pop. It'll say a member might not make it. Go to the community and get this stupid mission. For the record,  achievements are meant for those who are exceptional at the game and accomplishing great feats. Not to set them up so that you have to be a complete dumbass to get it or purposely sabotage your own game to get the achievement.  Poorly constructed by the developers if my personal opinions counts.

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    • Hey, I just wanted to confirm that YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY GET THE MERCY SHOT MISSION WITH A CHARACTER THAT IS YOU FRIEND. Just got it for Ed Jones, which accidentally was THE CHARACTER WITH WHICH I HAD STARTED THE GAME (Yes, I had reached level 2 without having fully grasped the concept of Breakdown and then decided to start over with Ed). All I did was to remove the infirmary and get a few characters wounded and played about untill I was tired. Then I turned the Xbox off and next day when I started playing a couple of charcaters were gravelly ill. Then I just played for like half an hour and the mission pinged. I was a bit sad to have to part ways with Ed after spending some hours leveling him up, but also relived to get the infamous killer achievement out of the freaking way.

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    • So i unlocked all heroes except alan and i gave up on him a week ago then started realy building my community and i mean realy building with a fully upgraded med lab a zillion meds in the locker as in 255 potent stems and painkillers but just out of no where when i powered up the game i got the mission with some guy called jesus who is not gonna make it. I mean i always make sure before i close my game that no one is missing or ill or whatever so i'm sure he wasn'tt even ill the day before, is it luck or a bug or what?

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    • This challenge is complete bullshit... I have been letting my guys be injured and sick for like 9 real life days. At the moment I have 7 gravely ill but I had only 5 of them as Friends last night - today all 7 of them are friends with me and I don't even bother doing anyone's mission or help them out or talk with em... How the hell did I get friends status when I haven't even talked to em ?

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    • The person who is gravely ill must not be your friend. Recruit survivors through Lily using the offer shekter to survivors. Get rid of your medical area and force the survivor who gets sick to attack bloaters. Once you do that, exit the game to the main menu, wait 10-30 minutes for the just another day reset, and when you see the character, it should say gravely ill, just wait for the mission to pop up and kill them.

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    • I absolutely can not get this mission to pop. I never even got the Mercy Shot achievement in the main game (I think that was my fault though, apparently I let Alan kill himself).

      Anyway, I am on Breakdown level 3 now and have been trying to for like 5 real days to get this challenge completed. I started trying for it on Breakdown 1, but have slowly been moving up to try to get to it. Since I started trying, I do not have any medical facilities built and am usually at 0 medical resources. I do have a couple medicine trained people though I think, but only just recently got "The Healer". 

      So my current situation is this: 36 food. 0 medicine. 15 ammo. 5 materials. 9 fuel.

      No medical facilities but I do have a greenhouse and kitchen. 

      Population of a whopping 36!

      14 sick friends. 

      2 non-friends. 1 is Hurt with a busted leg and the other is literally a millimeter from being my friend. I have tried and tried over that when I see I have a sick or hurt non friend to exit to the main menu for a half hour and come back. I never even see the "Survived Another Day" message when continuing on. 

      ANY advice PLEASE help. Sick of waiting and waiting for the challenge to "just pop" because it looks like it won't happen.

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    • So i just got the killer. I'm on level 11 so you don't need to restart your game like some people claim.

      Not sure if these details mean anything but I was at snyders with a machine shop and shooting platform only, no beds or storage. Low on food and medicine and i recently got a message of "sleep deprivation". I contacted a new group of surviors through the Lily radio option and found 2 surviors total. I made sure to find a bloater and let them attack it and then took them home. After that i immediately exited the game and put my clock forward a day to get the "survived another day" reset. The non-friend still wasn't gravely ill so i immediately exited and went forward another day. This time in the "survived another day" update notes it specifically told me my non-friend was gravely ill and that she could go at any time. I checked her in, went to her location told her to go home and I drove away from the area. Around 1 minute later i got the mercy shot option.

      My advice would be contact a group via the radio and set your clock forward until the "survived another day" update infroms you of the gravely ill non-friends status that they could die at any time. I tried for a couple of days of recruiting other enclaves/radioing in surviors and getting them hurt/sick and then doing the same while they ran home after check ins. Had around 23 people and had many gravely ill people throughout this time and none of them would ping the mission. I believe it's because i was still playing the game doing missions.

      Save yourself the time and frustration!! Set your clock forward and get it done quick. cheers,

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    • I believe it can work for any character as I just did it on level 5, and it was my hero character i ended up killing after starting a completely new game.  took awhile but yes the keys are no medicine supplies or medical area.  was as disturbing getting it as it was the first time in the original game.

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    • An easy way of getting Alan (this is how I did it):

      Start a new game on level 1

      Only limit yourself to using the character you started as and the one friend you get in your starting group

      Don't do any zed hunts or any activity that allows you to gain trust with other survivors

      Don't bring back any medical supplies back to your base. Make sure your medicine is at 0

      Don't build a medical facility

      Wait for someone who isn't your friend to get ill

      Spend a lot of your time outside of your base and wait for the person to get gravely ill

      If the ill survivor is away from home, go check up on them and bring them home

      Eventually, the mercy shot mission will show up and you can kill that person

      Also, I did this at the Macready farm house. I don't know if that helps or not but I thought I should mention it

      I hope I helped ;)

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    • Mercy shot is quite easy to accomplish if you remember one fundamental rule... "FRIENDS WILL NOT CAUSE MERCY SHOT MISSION TO INITIATE" The easiest way to start the mission is have Lily Ritter search for signs of survivors or help an enclave. When a group is found head there with a character that does not have the Leadership skill, ask them to join you. With the survivors following head to the nearest survey point. Scan the area until you find and mark a BLOATER zombie (if none, the go to another survey point)  When you find one, look for propane tanks or a petrol station. Manoveur the survivors next to one and blow it up. Alternatively use petrol bombs, grenade launchers or even just a car will do, and use them to damage the people (Badly hurting them will lose trust, which helps). Once hurt, lead survivoes to the bloater you marked on map and make it blow up and poison them. Then escort them home and simply wait. Not having a Medical facility or medicine in supply locker will speed the process up. Hope that helps!

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    • I dont know what you guys are all talking about:

      Its just simple:

      1. Dont make a medical lab. Infirmary is recommended.

      2. Wait for "Gravely ill" status

      3. Wait for them to have a "Check In" status. Go to their location and Check In

      4. Then wait for 5-10 mins or finish other missions.

      5. The mission name "Mercy Shot" will appear in the base. If it does not appear then repeat step 3 and 4.

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    • i did mine on like level 23 and it ended up being the hero i chose to start with...(in this case ray santos) the game seems to really not like letting you keep that guy lol. but still, you just need no med lab and no medicine and to just wait. i think i even got a non-friend survivor sick and my own guy still ended up being the one to get mercy shot. so really...its seemingly random but seems to have a higher chance ith no infirmary or medicine.

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    • I remember having difficulty getting this on the 360 version, and I got the YOSE for Xbox One and was having difficulty for the 2nd time, even though pretty much everybody was gravely ill at my base. The way to get this (at least in the YOSE, not sure about 360) is that once you have a gravely ill person, simply find them at your home base and talk to them to do the Mercy Shot. You DO NOT need the mission to actually appear. I think my problem was literally wasting time waiting for Lily to radio me the mission.

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    • I just got The Killer today. Here is what I did:

      1. Started at Level 2

      2. Never built a medical bay

      3. Never rescued a medic

      4. Destroyed all medicines from all players

      5. Never rescued anyone

      6. When someone got sick eventually with Fever, I exited the game. 

      7. Disconnected my Internet

      8. Moved my system settings clock ahead ONE day (Xbox Console settings...changing the clock is only possible if youre not connected to the Internet)

      9. Went back into the game. 

      10. At this point, something odd happened. I went to scroll through the characters after starting and for a micro-second I saw all survivors had been replaced by Alan. I knew I did something right. 

      Two seconds later, the Mercy Shot mission appeared. I followed the mission details and drive to the blue circle and killed the player. 

      This took me a couple of tries to figure out. I finally had more luck when I realized the following:

      1. GET RID OF ALL MEDS FROM ALL PLAYERS. Your medical supplies must be at 0




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    • OMG.

      So, its now 9 months, 3 days into level 1.  I once had 32 people 'gravely ill'....on DAY 23.  Not one...single...freakin mission to kill one of them.

      I've had 9 people run away...all of them eaten by zombies.  Life quality in my hovel is terrible.  I never once had a medical facility, the idiots keep finding meds.  Less people are sick now than before...

      Mission still hasn't spawned.

      What idiot thougth this was a good idea?

      I've finished this mission before...even killing a 'friend' so I know that's not it.  But just to make sure, i run over everyone until they can barely walk...everyone lives.

      Why am I trying to survive?  Apparently its not possible to die unless you run away.

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    • This can be obtained in the Xbox One YOSE as of 2019.05.09.  But you should probably forget about doing it in an established community.

      I tried any number of things talked about here.  I could get 80% of my community to gravely ill, but I couldn't get the Mercy Shot mission.  With friends, without.  Without all facilities.  With and without Medicine Skill.  Avanced the system clock a day at a time for a month.  Then started advancing months, years, decades.  None of it seemed to matter.

      • So I trashed that community that I had spent a hundred or so hours on and started fresh on Breakdown Lv1.  Picked Maya (I know she does not have Medicine), though I doubt that matters.
      •  Joined a community in the Savini house.  Then exited to menu without doing anything else.  No missions, no searching, no nothing.
      •  Advanced the clock one day.  Continued.  Rinse and repeat for about a virtual week. Someone became ill with fever, then gravely ill.
      •  Went around canceling and failing missions.  Say no to Hunts, completed Survey (no friend points), got close (to activate) and then drove away (to fail) from Stranger in Trouble.
      •  Before I had a chance to go cancel the last mission, I got a call for Mercy Shot.  Went back home and exited to menu to save.  Victim was not a friend, so I can't confirm that friends work.
      •  Went online.  Continued.  Mercy Shot mission still available.
      •  Completed mission and challenge.  (Be careful when on this mission though.  I drew the attention of a Horde, and the victim automatically goes into "I'm gonna die" mode as soon as a zombie goes aggro.)

      Why did this work when all the other stuff didn't?  I have a few thoughts.

      •  I was on Lv1.  Seems unlikely, but maybe someone coded it wrong.
      • No outposts.  Maybe they help somehow.  They were 6x Materials, 1x Food, and 1x Ammo in the prior community.
      • Only four eligible characters.  My previous community had 52 at one time.  I had pared that down below 20 by the end, but it still was not working.  This also means a lot less random supply finds each morning.  Sometimes I would gain 20+ Medicine at the start of the day.
      • Much emptier Inventory.  Also seems unlikely.  I did not actually check the new locker, but I am sure it had meds by the end, since I was getting restocked every day.
      • Undeveloped characters.  Maybe the higher a character's skill levels, the less likely to die?  Also seems unlikely, since I had tons of characters who were never used after joining.
      • Must not be a friend.  I am pretty sure I had non-friends Gravely Ill in the prior community, so seems unlikely.
      • Mission becomes unavailable after a time.  We know that not everything in this game is coded well, and the longer a game runs the less well it seems to work.  In the same way I was no longer getting CLEO missions, maybe it simply was not possible to get a Mercy Shot anymore.  This seems the most likely answer.

      Anyway, your guess is as good as mine.  At least I no longer have to deal with this.

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