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Thomas Ritter is a non-player character in State of Decay. He was one of the first characters encountered in the game, trying to help survivors in Ranger Station on Mt. Tanner. In Breakdown DLC, Thomas is a Hero character titled "The Father".

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Storyline Edit

Thomas is the father of Jacob and Lily Ritter. When Lily was 9, Thomas' wife died and Lily was diagnosed with Lupus shortly afterwards. Thomas fell into depression, leaving much of the burden on Jacob. When his son turned 18 and declared his intention to move to the city, the two had a big fight and didn't speak for a long time.

It was Jacob's first visit home when the outbreak started. He, Jacob and Lily took shelter in the Church of the Ascension. Since the outbreak's beginning, Thomas had been helping survivors he can find. He traveled to the Ranger Station, where the player character finds him along with Sheila Brookstone and Wendell Higgins.

After the player returns to the Ranger Station after rescuing Maya, Thomas is found dead and reanimates when Ed checks for his ID. It is unknown if all three survivors were killed by zombies attacking the Ranger Station, or the injured ones he was helping died and turned.

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