The Bounty Broker update is the 10.0 Content Update for State of Decay 2. It was released on the 31th July of 2019. [1]

Overview Edit

A salesman called Cash Beaumont set-up his Van in a fixed place at all the 4 main maps of State of Decay 2, similar as a Enclave and it is a new contact to start the Bounties challenges.

Features Edit

  • A new main game mechanic made as a whole new way to adquire newer added items such as Weapons, Clothes, Facilities and Items.
  • The Bounty Broker system of challenges was originally made to be completed only once, HOWEVER, they changed this in the Content Update 20, now the older Bounty packs reset during each re-introduction to the Bounty sytem, but as way to incentive older/veteran players to complete them again, players which had completed any Bounty/Bounties of a specific pack in their earlier run, will receive the item plus a influence bonus, if doing the same Bounty challenge. [2]
  • Players can have from 1 to 3 Bounties active at once.
  • The Items/Weapons from this system can be unlocked and used in any difficulty.
  • The Bounties can be completed in any of your available main game communities, including campaign multiplayer matches.
  • Items/Weapons (at first) will be awarded for free when collecting the respective bounty.
  • Afterwards, the unlocked and respective Item/Weapon can be bought with Influence points inside Cash's Van for your Survivors to use.
  • Clothes unlocked within this system will be available at the player's Characters wardrobe forever.

Packs Rotations and Actualizations Edit

At a livestream of 27/01/2020 the developer Undead Labs formalized they would retire and cycle out older Content Packs in exchange of newer packs to keep the rotation, also they mentioned they would work in a way to bring the same weaponry again to the game in a later time, [3].

In the 19/06/2020, the developer formalized the return of the retired packs to the Bounty Broker system, the first to return will be the World War 2 Pack (which was the first to be retired), the pack will feature newer weaponry and clothes, they also formalized some of the weaponry will be introduced/return to the pool table, which means some of them can be found and looted across all the maps. [4]

  • You can keep anything you already own from the retired and cycled out packs (including unlocked clothes), however they will not be available again from the Bounty Broker. (Until they return again to the Bounty Broker rotative system).

Packs/Content Currently Supported Edit

Packs/Content Not-Supported Edit

Packs/Content Planned For Retirement Edit

Packs/Content Planned For Return Edit

  • None At the Moment.

Newer Packs/Content Planned Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The system featured a older content pack called the World War 2 Pack, but it didn't had bounties for them, since the weapons of this pack could once be found as spawn at all maps and it was introduced before The Bounty Broker update, however they updated this pack in the Update 19, released in 30/07/2020 and now it features bounties for newer items.


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