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Swine & Bovine Restaurants were a network of fast food restaurants before the events of State Of Decay. There are four Swine & Bovine Restaurants in Trumbull Valley, one in Spencer's Mill, two in Marshall and one in Fairfield. There are two Swine & Bovine Restaurants in Danforth that can be found in the Lifeline DLC, one in Broadway Midtown and one in Thornhill Square-Tyron Plaza, northern of Black Friday. Meager valley has no Swine and Bovine resturants.


Swine & Bovine Restaurants are, unsurprisingly, a good source of food, which can be found on food shelves. Occasionally, Medicine can be found here, as well as melee weapons that are household items such as Table Legs or Frying Pans.

Notes Edit

  • These locations can be used as outposts or can house infestations of zombies.
  • Missing survivors can be found within them.
  • If an outpost is set up at any Swine & Bovine Restaurant, the player will receive an avatar award.
  • The Signs on Swine and Bovine say "REM 20:12 THUS IT ALL ENDS"


  • Exterior view with restaurant sign
  • Concept Art
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