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Surveying is the act of identifying Buildings, Enclaves, Vehicles, threats (Hordes, Infestations, Freaks) and other elements from a high vantage point called a Survey Point. There are multiple Survey Points scattered throughout all State of Decay maps.


  • Climb to the top of a Survey Point
  • Enter aim mode
  • Hover the crosshair over Question Mark icons
  • Wait for the circular meter to fill around the question mark, indicating surveying progress.

Once the meter is filled, the question mark icon will change to a map icon and the name of the identified element (such as "Vehicle", "Horde", "SWAT Zombie", "House" or "Storage"). The surveyed element will be placed onto the player's map.

In State of Decay 2, armoured zombies cannot be surveyed. Surveying is used in State of Decay 2 in order to locate Plague Hearts and, in Heartland, Plague Walls.

Surveying in State of Decay Edit

Missions involving Surveying Edit

Survey Point Locations Edit

Mount Tanner

Spencer's Mill


  • Spencer's Mill Cellphone Tower located behind the Swine and Bovine
  • Mountaintop located behind the Fork In The Road; accessible by dirt road located west of the Swine & Bovine, south of the Tavern
  • Water tower near Trailer Park; the east of Spencer's Mill

Wilkerson's Farm

  • Wilkerson's Farm Silo


  • Billboard adjacent to highway; across from Abandoned Site; eastern road between Marshall and Spencer's mill
  • Dinosaur adjacent to gas-station; eastern road between Marshall and Spencer's mill


Downtown district

  • Water Tower near the pharmacy
  • On the Office Rooftop during the first mission with Ray Santos
  • On the Office Rooftop adjacent to police station

Warehouse district

  • Water Tower next to Ammo Shop
  • Cellphone Tower near two Warehouses adjacent to the Snyder Trucking Warehouse
  • Water Tower adjacent to the only Office in the western half of Marshall



  • The Ferris Wheel


  • Cellphone Tower adjacent to three Warehouses adjacent
  • Water Tower next to the downed Apache gunship


Central region

  • Farm Silo adjacent to barn where the player first encounters Jacob
  • Water tower near Farmhouse Enclave where the player is sent to help the Military

Southern region

  • Farm Silo adjacent to abandoned area; the east of Marshal
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