Target mk 3 suppressed (3)

Suppressors are used to reduce weapon noise.

Overview Edit

They can be found in various places, however if the player plans to use them regularly, their best option is to create them at their base's Work Area facility. Each suppressor has limited use and will break after a certain number of shots.

Revolvers and Shotguns cannot use suppressors. Also, higher caliber Rifles like the M107 CQ cannot be suppressed.

List of Suppressors Edit

Note: Cost listed is amount of Influence gained when depositing the item.

Type Shots Weight Cost Description
Improvised 10 0.3 2 Cuts down gunshot noise. Made this one out of an oil can, figure it’s only good for 10 shots or so.
Homemade 30 0.3 5 Cuts down gunshot noise. Decent construction; this one should last 30 shots, give or take.
Machined 50 0.3 8 Cuts down gunshot noise. Not quite professional quality, but might last for a good 50 shots.

Creation Cost Edit

As of current time, only the Homemade Suppressor can be made at the Work Area.

  • 5 Influence
  • 1 Case of Material
  • 30 Minutes

Item List Edit

This following item lists contain all three types of suppressors Note: S = State of Decay Storyline; B= Breakdown; L= Lifeline

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