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The Supply Locker is the central element of all Home Sites, Enclaves and Outposts. The locker contains the site's supplies and are divided into 5 Tabs: Firearms, Melee Weapons, Ammunition, Consumable items (medicine, food, etc), and Backpacks. Supply lockers allows for the repair of equipment, provided a Work Area is built at home.

Depositing and Withdrawing Items Edit

Items in the active survivor's inventory can be deposited into the locker by first interacting with it (using the Y button), then selecting the item to deposit and pressing A. Ammunition can be deposited as single bullets by using the A button, or in groups of ten rounds by using the Y button. A certain amount of influence is gained for each deposit. When interacting with the locker, all items in the active survivor's inventory will have an influence value listed, marked by a circled star. Depositing that item into the locker will add that amount of influence to the total available.

Withdrawing items uses the same mechanic. Select the item in storage to remove and press the A button to take it from the locker. However, unlike depositing items, a survivor's ability to remove items is dependent upon available influence. Each item in the locker has a listed influence value. Unless the active survivor has enough influence available in the total, the item cannot be taken. As with deposits, bullets can be removed singly or in batches of ten.

Using or destroying an item in the locker, which may be necessary if the locker is at capacity, will charge the item's influence value against the available total.

Trust level only affects Influence cost for taking out item, not for depositing. At maximum Trust level, the Influence cost for withdrawing an item is always 20 % higher than Influence gain for depositing the same item, rounded down (i.e taking out a Pipewrench costs 90 Influence and putting it in earns 75, while Influence cost for ammo is always 1).

Base Resources Edit

The Supply Locker also functions as the drop-off point for major settlement resources such as building materials, fuel, food, and medical resources. Rucksacks are automatically deposited as soon as the active survivor approaches the Supply Locker. Resources cannot be withdrawn from storage through the locker.

Resources cannot be deposited in any supply locker other than the one located at the survivor's base. Supply lockers at outposts cannot accept resources rucksacks. Outpost lockers can, however, accept any item from a survivor's inventory, making outpost lockers valuable for emptying unwanted items from active inventory during scavenging runs.

Limitations Edit

Each locker's capacity is 255 slots (or stacks). Weapon and Backpack each occupy 1 stack. Ammo can stack up to 255 rounds per stack. Consumables have varying stack size. When the 255 stack limit is reached, the player cannot put anything in the locker that creates a new stack.

To avoid cluttering the main locker at home base and outposts, players should avoid putting low-value weapons and equipment in it. Instead, these items can be destroyed or put in Enclaves' lockers.

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