Station Wagon

General Information
"Big, slow and handles like a bug in molasses. Sweet fake wood sides and lots of steel. A very though four seater."
Technical Specifications
Acceleration 1
Top Speed 1
Handling 1
Durability 4
Seats 4
Inventory Slots 6

The Station Wagon is a vehicle found in State of Decay, and its DLCs Breakdown and Lifeline. They are found relatively scattered around Trumbull Valley and Danforth.

Performance Edit

This vehicle have a very sluggish handling, poor acceleration and is one of the slowest cars in the game. Altough, is fairly decent against the undead, more than the other, but cannot sustain too many hordes.


  • The Station Wagon is heavily based on a 1986—1990 Chevrolet Caprice wagon, specifically a "Classic" model, due to the simulated wood appliqué along the outer side of the vehicle.

Pictures Edit

  • Green with wood panels
  • Brown variant
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