State of Decay

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Undead Labs


Microsoft Game Studios


CryEngine 3


Microsoft Windows, Xbox Live Arcade

Release Date

June 5th, 2013 (XBLA), 2013[1] (PC)


Third-person Shooter, Survival Horror, Simulation


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State of Decay, (formally codenamed Class 3) is a third person survival-horror game developed by Undead Labs, published by Microsoft Game Studios, and released on June 5, 2013 for the Xbox360. Combining elements of shooters, role-playing and strategy games, the game challenges players to survive a zombie apocalypse by exploring, scavenging, and fighting the undead. Setting up a defensible home base and keeping it stocked with the necessities of survival, keeping the undead at bay, and forging relationships with other communities of survivors can mean the difference between life and death. Featuring a skill progression system, dynamic resource and character generation, and a massive twelve square kilometer map, State of Decay is a challenge for even the most hardened zombie survivalists.

Unique Survivors

Survivors in State of Decay each have skills and abilities which are initially weak. By using those skills, players can improve every survivor into an effective scavenger and fighter. Skills are improved in ways that make sense; running improves stamina, fighting improves weapon ability and so on. As survivors progress in skill improvement, the opportunity to choose specializations and abilities are unlocked, making them even more effective.

Specialist survivors can be found and recruited, bringing paramedics, machinists, gardeners and more to improve the odds of survival.

Survivors can be killed, and death is permanent. Once a survivor is gone, he or she will not come back. But with a group of survivors, death does not mean the game is over; it means continuing using other survivors to explore the world. The game isn't over until the last survivor falls.

Massive Map

The world of State of Decay is enormous: twelve square kilometers of map area encompassing six square kilometers of playable area. These six kilometers are richly populated by towns, farms, parks, and even a small city. Almost every building on the map can be entered and searched, and every landmark in sight can be visited. Exploration is never sectioned off into a small segment of the map; most of the game's area is available to you from the start. A true open world, the map remains available for exploration and combat throughout the game.

Travel silently on foot or quickly by one of the eight classes of vehicle found around the map. Explore obscure, hidden areas and sprawling towns to find needed supplies and other survivors.

Relentless Enemies

The zombies are on the move, and they want blood. Battle zombies of all descriptions while exploring the area. Every type of zombie can be found in State of Decay, from traditional shufflers to sprinting infected, from crawlers to hard-to-kill freak zombies. All of them are found in the game world, and all of them can be killed...or kill. Take them on with weapons ranging from pipe wrenches and clubs to machetes and tomahawks, and even any of over two dozen firearms. But fight smart: noise attracts zombies, and even the best-equipped survivor cannot survive being outnumbered twenty-to-one.

Scavenge to Survive

There are no stores or roving traders in this apocalypse; to survive, the necessities of life must be scavenged. Food, medicine, ammunition, and fuel must be found and claimed. Along with these resources are a massive list of weapons and items, turning every scavenging run into a unique event. Just like survivors, salvage in buildings is randomly generated, making no two playthroughs identical. And just like in the real world, items do not respawn; once a building has been salvaged, it's empty for good.

Don't think it's just easy takings, though; scavenging makes noise, and noise brings zombies. Do you scavenge slowly and methodically, making little sound but taking more time, or ransack fast and fearlessly? State of Decay gives you the choice.

Fortify to Thrive

Live out the zombie movie dream: fortify a refuge in the zombie apocalypse. Over a half-dozen locations around the game's map can be converted into a customizable home base for survivors. Fortify the building and set up facilities within to keep zombies out, produce food, repair weapons and vehicles, or generate opportunities with neighboring survivors. Build workshops, gardens, watchtowers, medical facilities, and more to help the party survive. Choose wisely, however; zombies can overrun poorly defended bases, so setting up a secure home is not just a matter of preferences.

Set up outposts to extend your defensive perimeter and provide some protection against marauding hordes of zombies, or use them as supply caches in far-flung corners of the map. State of Decay offers opportunities for every play style.

Dynamic World

State of Decay features a two-hour day cycle, with one hour each of day and night. Other survivors in the group also continue about their business, giving rise to random missions for combat support, rescue, distraction, and more. Build up trust with other survivor enclaves to gain opportunities for profit or to encourage new survivors to join the group. Don't dawdle, however; failing to act upon a mission can mean an opportunity missed...or a survivor that doesn't make it back home.

Zombies don't sleep, and neither does State of Decay. Even when you're not in the world, events continue, resources are used, and deals go on.


  • 2 Hour Day and Night cycle: 1 hour of daylight and 1 hour of night. [2]
  • Skill progression system: For example, a skill like fighting can be improved by fighting with melee weapons (baseball bat, machete, pipe, etc.).
  • Play as a community struggling to survive. If your community has more than one person, you will switch to another community member when you die.
  • Recruit survivors with unique sets of skills (gardener, mechanic, chef, soldier, etc.).
  • Variety of zombies: Slow moving, fast-moving, and special types.
  • Randomly generated missions such as rescuing a survivor, scavenging, zombie hunts or infestation clearing.
  • Randomly generated items in buildings that can be searched for. Once an item is taken from a location there will never be a re-spawn of additional items.
  • A wide selection of ground vehicles to drive.
  • The ability to claim certain buildings with a defensible perimeter (fence, wall, etc.) as a home base and creating outposts.
  • Home Sites can be upgraded through the use of interior and exterior facilities (Workshops, Garden, Watchtower, Dojo, Kitchen, etc.).

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