The Squelones Brewing Company is a beer factory to the north of Squelones and a potential home site in State of Decay 2.


Squelones Brewing Company base is located in the northern third of Meagher Valley.


Location of the Squelones Brewery.

Relocation RequirementsEdit

  • 6 Survivors
  • 1,500 Influence


  • Craft Still
  • Primary Still
  • Water Tank
  • Tasting Room
  • (Clearable) Keg Cooperage
  • Acts like a "staging area" facility
  • 3 Parking Spots
  • 1 located northwest of base
  • 2 located south of base

Base Storage Capacity Edit


Defense StrategiesEdit

  • If you plan to build the sniper tower (which requires a Builder leader), the front large slot is better than the back. This will actually allow you to have a decent view of the surrounding area if you plan to use the sniper tower during sieges.
  • The central location of the brewery gives you ample scavenging opportunities. The fire department across the road also often spawns with vehicles near it, typically police cruisers.
  • On the west side of the brewery there is a loading dock where trucks would park that offers both a natural defensive point, but also obstructs your vision. Be careful when heading west from your base as the loading dock does not count as part of the brewery, therefore zombies can spawn around it.

Trivia Edit

  • Ideal for a farming settlement due to the water tank and extra outdoor plots. Also good for Trader leaders as the whiskey and beer you can produce has a value of over 30 influence.
  • When you first settle into this base, utilize the Keg Cooperage (which acts as a prebuilt Staging Area) to help you get your base up and running quickly. This can also offset some of your material costs, and if you have a someone skilled in construction, can speed up the building actions of the base. Once all your other slots are filled up, dismantle the Keg Cooperage, and gain back 8 Materials and you'll have a free Large Slot to utilize.
  • There are no built-in beds. Make sure you have enough materials to immediately build areas for your survivors to sleep.
  • Though you can use the two stills at the same time to create two different things, (i.e. use one still to make fuel and one still to make beer) both crafting actions will also cause two separate levels of noise. This essentially means running both stills at the same time also causes double the threat level. Only craft with both stills at the same time when absolutely necessary and when you are at home in case of sieges.
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