Special Technique are abilities that can enhance a style of play. They are unlocked by raising a Basic Skill to level 7. Each basic skill unlocks 1 Special Technique, except Cardio which unlocks 2.


Unlocked at lvl 7.

Rage: Gives you a small amount of Stamina back when you kill an enemy.

Every time you kill an enemy, you regain a small amount of Stamina.


Unlocked at lvl 7

Focus Aim: Intense concentration makes the world around you slow to a crawl as you line up the perfect shot.

While aiming with [LT] (XBOX) or [RMB] (PC), tap [LB] (XBOX) or [Left Shift] (PC) to slow down time. This technique consumes Stamina very quickly.


Unlocked at lvl 7

Ninja: Removes locked doors and makes searching silent. Also lets you move faster while sneaking.

Doors are never considered locked for you, and you make no noise when you search. You can also move quickly while sneaking by holding (LB) or (Left SHIFT) on PC.


Unlocked at lvl 7

Marathon: You're used to running long distances without tiring.

Sprinting drains your Stamina 50% slower.

Combat Endurance: Decreases the rate at which you lose Stamina in Combat.

Combat actions drain your stamina 50% slower.

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