The Snyder Trucking Warehouse, or STW, is one of the home sites in State of Decay.

A large blue building surrounded by a chain link fence in west Marshall, the warehouse offers a lot of space for survivors, plenty of facility and outpost slots, as well as a decent number of parking slots. Coupled with the convenient location, it is among the homesites most suitable for prolonged occupation.

Relocating Requirements

Location and Environs

Snyder Trucking Warehouse is located in west Marshall, at the southwest corner of the map. The western Marshall bridge on the Loop road leads directly to STW. It is at the intersection of west Marshall's Bronto Gas Station, Tartan Mini Mart, and Swine & Bovine Restaurant.

Several buildings are nearby, including the aforementioned gas station and food venues. A construction warehouse is sited opposite the Warehouse's front entrance, and the Marshall gun shop is approximately one block east. Other warehouses exist within a two-block radius of STW and can contain fuel or other resources.

Given its location in west Marshall, STW is well-sited for supply runs, giving easy access to the entirety of Marshall and many outlying settlements and farms. The similarly-sized Trumbull County Fairgrounds is more isolated.


Template:Infobox Three facilities are included with Snyder Trucking Warehouse: Bedroom, Warehouse Storage (equivalent to Food Storage), and Workshop. Even with the existing facilities, STW boasts an impressive six open facility slots (1 internal, 4 external, 1 for Watch Tower), a level of expansion matched only by the Trumbull County Fairgrounds. Additionally, parking for 4 vehicles and 8 Outpost slots are available.

Base storage capacity

Note: This is the capacity after the built-in warehouse storage is fixed up.

  • Food — 110
  • Medicine — 110
  • Ammunition — 110
  • Materials — 190
  • Fuel — 110



Snyder Trucking is in a rather vulnerable position. Situated in west Marshall and near several large buildings, the Warehouse is very close to spawn points for normal zombies, Infestations, Freaks and hordes. While the fences will slow down zombies, it will not stop them. Additionally, STW does not come with a built-in Watch Tower, which might make it difficult to defend at first.

A transformer farm and utility warehouse are sited downhill, behind this homesite. A path links the river that runs north of Marshall to this utility warehouse, which means that any zombies prowling the river can sneak up on STW from behind. Juggernaut zombies are an occasional threat due to this access point. This utility warehouse can also become infested occasionally.


Upon moving the survivor group to the Warehouse, first priority should be given to building a Watch Tower. This is a necessary improvement to provide basic security to the site.

Sample outpost placement. Note the North utility warehouse is not set up as an outpost here.

As mentioned before, the utility warehouse north of STW can be an Infestation spot and an opening for attacking zombies, so it is a good idea to set up an outpost here.

Another good outpost place is the Tartan Mini Mart located to the east of STW or the Bronto Gas Station across the street from the minimart. An outpost set up in either building will cover the bridge from the Loop road.

The third outpost can be set up in the Gun Shop next to the Survey Point south-east of STW. This outpost will cover two streets leading to the home site.

The Zippcomz warehouse near the Survey Spot on the southern road or the Duane Jones Contractor warehouse next to it should also be set up as an outpost. An outpost here covers the two remaining streets leading to the base.

Placing 4 outposts in this manner effectively cover all the paths leading to STW, significantly reducing the threat of Hordes and Infestations. The player can use the set up the remaining outposts either on the rest of West Marshall for protection, East Marshall for easy scavenging, or any other locations.

Player can also use vehicles to block up roads. Most of the bridges are partially obstructed by wrecked cars. By parking other vehicles across select roads (mainly the southernmost road by Snyder Trucking), most hordes can be prevented from directly attacking the Warehouse; traps set at the perimeter outposts will destroy hordes in range, and vehicle barricades will stop the rest. It should be noted, though, that vehicle barricades are prone to glitch problems, and zombies may still make it through.

In terms of facility placement, the medical area should definitely be placed in the indoor slot in order to protect injured survivors.


  • Possibly a reference to Zack Snyder, director of the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake or the trucking company of the same name.
  • While the County Fairgrounds is slightly more malleable, the Warehouse is slightly more central for supply runs.
  • However, due to the recent update or a potential in game glitch, the built in Machine Shop has been down graded to a Workshop, limiting the amount of repairs that can be done to vehicles to only basic body damage and tires. Except in the Breakdown DLC where it remains a Machine Shop. A workaround is to always fix up the machine shop first. If you don't fix the machine shop up first that's when it glitches and gives you a workshop.
  • On the PC version, the Snyder Trucking Warehouse watchtower is frequently unmanned due to a bug. This may cause security issues with lone wandering zombies that avoid outpost traps.
  • There is somehow a poster in one of the rooms showing the employee of the month is looking like a dog and a white board filled with writings and entitled «man pants down incident»


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