Snack Infocard
"Eat for a temporary Stamina boost"

Snack is a type of consumable item used to temporary boost Stamina regeneration.

The Lifeline DLC introduced MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat), a military counterpart of Snack, with the same icon, description and effect.


  • Weight: 0.3 lbs
  • Cost: 5 Influence
  • Effect: After a Snack is consumed, the character's Stamina regenerates much faster (roughly twice the speed at which it drains when sprinting) if the character is standing still, walking or jogging. If the character sprints while under the effect, Stamina regenerates at a lower pace (presumably equal to the draining speed when sprinting). The effect lasts 20 seconds. It is not possible to consume another Snack while the previous one is still in effect.

Obtaining SnacksEdit

  • Snacks can be found in various containers, breaking open a Food Crate, and inside enclaves' Supply Lockers. Depositing a rucksack of Food home automatically adds a few Snacks to the Supply Locker.
  • Depending on the home site's food resource, either 2,4 or 6 Snacks is placed in the Supply Locker at the beginning of a new (real time) day.
  • In the Lifeline DLC, MREs can be created at the Mess Hall (1 Food is consumed to create 3 MREs)


  • This item, which reads "Twinkie" on the package, is a reference to the movie Zombieland. It is one of the most abundant items in the game, while in the movie, the Twinkie-obsessed Talahasee only finds two at the end (one of which is shredded by a shotgun blast).
  • Even though the item's picture is a Twinkie, when the item is consumed the character is shown eating an apple instead.

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