• Marcus, with most skills maxed out
  • Detail of Shooting Skill, with the benefits listed
All Survivors possess four basic skills: Cardio, Fighting, Shooting, and Wits (survivors with certain traits will possess additional skills). Skills levels are displayed as stars, from 1 to 7. A character's progress towards the next level is indicated by a small EXP bar below the skill. Skills are developed by directly using them (i.e killing zombies with melee weapon improves Fighting, while killing them with firearms improves Shooting).
As skills improve, the character becomes more effective at fighting and exploring. For example, improving Cardio grants additional Stamina, improving Fighting grants more Vitality. Other benefits are less tangible. For example, a character with higher levels in Wits will be able to search quicker and more quietly.


  • When a character reaches level 4 in a combat skill (Fighting or Shooting), they have the option to choose a single Weapon Specialization. After choosing that specialization (e.g. heavy weapons) characters will gain a new exp bar for that specialization. Specializing in and leveling up a weapon skill provides further benefit when that weapon is being used. At level 4 of Melee Weapon Specialization, a Special Attack can be chosen that further improves the effectiveness of that weapon. Firearms, on the other hand, do not have special attacks.
  • When a Basic Skill reaches maximum level (7), it unlocks one Special Technique (except Cardio, which unlocks two). Each character can choose a single Special Technique.

Traits and SkillsEdit

Certain character traits can affect skills (positive or negative). For example, the Two Left Feet trait lowers leveling speed of Fighting, thus making it difficult for characters with this trait to improve Fighting and Vitality. On the other hand, some traits can give starting bonuses or increase leveling speed of certain skills.

Personal SkillsEdit

Aside from the basic four (Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting), all remaining skills are personal skills, which is not available for all characters.


Basic SkillsEdit

Personal SkillsEdit

In the FieldEdit


  • The second type of personal skill, Home Site Skills, improve the effectiveness of facilities in the player's home site. They cannot be improved and have no impact on combat or exploration. If one survivor has multiple home site skills, he or she will be able to work on both facilities at the same time. (Examples include Chemistry, Construction, Medicine, Cooking and Tattoo Artist.)


Specialization SkillsEdit


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