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Character Info
Char-erik tan-por Sergeant Erik Tan

Since the outbreak, Sgt. Tan and his squad have been tasked with maintaining some semblance of order in Trumbull County.

Traits Jerk, Soldier, Natural Athlete
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Powerhouse
Inventory ACR, Baton
Relations None
Character Info
Char-erik tan-por Sergeant Erik Tan (The Sacrifice)

Since the outbreak, he has been tasked with maintaining some semblance of order in Trumbull County. Has access to an artillery site in the mountains nearby.

Traits Jerk, Officer, Artillery Support, Hero
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Leadership, Assault Weapon Specialization
Inventory 416D, Tomahawk
Relations Unknown

Sergeant Erik Tan is a non-playable character in State of Decay. He was tasked by the US Military to maintain order in Trumbull Valley while investigation of the infestation is carried out. In Breakdown DLC, he is a hero character titled "The Sacrifice".

Missions involving the Character Edit

Sergeant Tan is involved with all of the Army Missions

Unlocking the characterEdit

Erik Tan is unlocked by having a player-controlled character dying in a Blaze of Glory.

Special: Death from AboveEdit

  • In State of Decay, after helping Sergeant Tan in the mission Insubordination, the player is rewarded with the Radio Command Death from Above.
  • In Breakdown, having Erik Tan (or Diane Montressor) in the community gives the player access to this radio command.

Storyline Edit

Sergeant Tan was first seen in Spencer's Mill guarding a house while investigations are carried out. He bluntly informs the player that the Army is not here to evacuate the citizens. Some time after, he and his squad evict two survivors "squatting" in a house that is not theirs; he threatens to execute them but decides to let them go instead.

The third time he is encountered, Sgt Tan and his squad are denied permission to engage zombies attacking a house. Unwilling to watch civilians die, he disobeys his order to stand down, engages the zombies with the player's help and saves the survivors.

Later on, Sgt Tan tries unsuccessfully to get inside the Army's quarantine area (Fairfield). He eventually decides to destroy the gates blocking the road entering the area, finds it completely abandoned and everyone in Trumbull Valley is now left behind to fend for their own. He then makes further investigations, and upon discovering the source of the infestation, decides that it is time to leave.

In the final mission to destroy the wall blocking the only way out of Trumbull Valley, he sacrifices himself to manually detonate the explosives, knowing he is already infected with Black Fever.

"You guys better build a fucking statue of me."


  • He is quite humorous explaining that most of the soldiers "jerk off all day" and his artillery unit will "fire where he wants in return of alcohol". Also, he can be seen at the survivors home talking to Lily after a mission which the player saves a group of survivors from zombies, he describes the player's group as "good people, but you are technically still squatters".
  • He served with Maya Torres in Afghanistan two years before the events of State Of Decay.
  • When talked to at the Army Enclave, he will say "Oh, look, a civillian! Hello, civillian.", even if the current survivor has the soldier trait.
  • Voice actor: Christopher Smith


  • Tan blows the bridge gates
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