The Savini Residence is a potential Home site in State of Decay. It is a large one-story building, home to Jacob Ritter's best friend Sally Savini before the outbreak. The treehouse at the location becomes the Watch Tower immediately upon moving in.

Relocating RequirementsEdit

Location and EnvironsEdit

The homesite is located in west Marshall, near one of the two bridges leading to the East side. Notably, three sides of the walls are on steep banks which means the Savini Residence can only be attacked from the front.


Savini-just moved-cropped

Facility slots

Savini Residence comes with 4 pre-built Facilities: Bedroom, Cooking Area, Library and Watch Tower. It has three exterior slots for additional facilities. Three parking spaces and six Outpost slots are available.


The Savini Residence is relatively easy to defend. With its built-in watch tower, the player need not expend resources constructing one. Placing outposts two houses across the road, the house down the street, and the gun shop can allow the player to cover all approaches. The main disadvantage of the Savini residence is the lack of true interior facility slots- the gazebo, while classed as interior, is functionally an exterior slot. For this reason, the player may choose to place the sleeping and medical areas in the outdoor slots located towards the back of the building, as the gazebo is located right next to the gate and thus is more vulnerable to zombie attack should they get beyond the gate.

Base storage capacityEdit

  • Food - 50
  • Medicine - 50
  • Ammunition - 50
  • Materials - 100
  • Fuel - 50

Trivia Edit

  • Jacob speaks of having always wanted to live here, he shows signs of disappointment if a different home site is chosen after the mission "Home Away From Home".
  • Likely named for horror film makeup-and-effects artist Tom Savini.


  • View from treehouse
  • Interior view

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