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SWAT zombie closing on a survivor. Note the grey uniform and black armor.

The SWAT Zombie is a freak-type zombie encountered in State of Decay. Unlike most freaks, SWAT zombies are relatively weak and are easily handled if provided caution is taken.

Overview Edit

SWAT zombies are essentially normal zombies wearing riot armor. This armor, identical to that found on the guards at the County Court House, renders them resistant to small-arms fire. Apart from their armor, there is little to distinguish a SWAT zombie from any other. As a silhouette, they are slightly bulkier than normal zombies, with a smoothly rounded helmet. The characteristic glowing eyes of zombies may not be readily visible in SWAT zombies as their helmets can shield their eyes. This makes them a slightly greater threat at night than their normal zombie brethren.

SWAT zombie also resemble similarity to Army Zombie, another type of armored freak zombie. Distinguishing between the two can be difficult at night or in low-light environments. SWAT zombies wear a charcoal grey uniform (Variants exist with a green uniform) with black armor and move at a slow, loping shamble. Army zombies wear a mottled green uniform with matching armor and move quickly. Their silhouettes are identical.

Distribution Edit

SWAT Zombies are very common, and can be found anywhere on the map, tending to appear after the Mission Home Away From Home is done, which the Player might stumble upon a few in East Marshall during said Mission. They appear to be more common near the courthouse in Marshall, most likely due to their origin as SWAT officers. Furthermore, SWAT zombies can appear in close proximity to existing hordes and will attack with the horde if startled.

Combat Edit

Despite their armor, SWAT zombies have no special ability in offensive combat. Upon closing to melee range with a survivor, the SWAT zombie will attempt to pummel the victim or, if able to catch the survivor from behind, bite.

Strategies Edit

Special combat consideration is only warranted for survivors who tend to rely on firearms for combat.

Melee Combat Edit

Melee combat with a SWAT zombie is no different than engaging a normal zombie. The SWAT zombie can be pummeled to the ground before delivering a finishing blow or, if the survivor is trained in either Uppercut or Nimble hand-to-hand strategies, the zombie can be knocked down more quickly. In either case, the objective remains the same as it is with normal zombies: get the zombie to the ground as quickly as possible, then deliver a finishing blow. The zombie's helmet does not render it immune or more resistant to finishing strikes.

The armor does, however, limit the effectiveness of firearms. Headshots are ineffective against SWAT zombies, and torso shots generally will not knock down or stagger a SWAT zombie, although repeated hits or a close-range shotgun blast can knock the SWAT zombie down. Due to their relative weakness, expending ammunition on SWAT zombies is not advised as they are highly resistant to firearms; melee combat is far more efficient and cost-effective.

Vehicular Combat Edit

Like any normal zombie, SWAT zombies are vulnerable to vehicle strike. As always, striking the zombie (or zombies) while driving in reverse will limit the amount of damage to the vehicle mainly to cosmetic issues unless the vehicle is particularly heavily used.