A rucksack is a type of portable container used solely for carrying a stack of resources to the base or the bulk of items from a dead survivor.


While carrying a rucksack, the character's stamina will deplete rapidly during physical exertion, as if encumbered (regardless of the weight actually being carried).

Rucksacks can be dropped and retrieved later. A character can only carry one rucksack at a time, but can be loaded onto vehicles (up to 6 for the Modern Pickup).

A rucksack is delivered by either carrying it near the home site's Supply Locker, or parking a loaded vehicle into a Parking Area.

Depositing a resource rucksack improves morale by 5-10 points, adds 25 influence, and increases supply of the appropriate resource. The amount depends on the type:


  • In State of Decay storyline mode as well as Breakdown, the option to gather a resource into a rucksack is not available until the player owns a home site.
  • As of Title Update 5, rucksacks can now be loaded on to vehicles (up to 6 for the Modern Pickup). This makes scavenging a lot faster and safer.
  • Retrieving the rucksack dropped by a fallen survivor adds +2 morale but does not add any resources, only the items the dead survivor was carrying.
  • There seems to be a hard limit of 10 rucksacks (on the ground or in a vehicle) allowed on the map at one time. They can contain resources or dead survivor's belongings. When this limit is reached, creating a new rucksack will remove the oldest rucksack from the map.

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