Specialist Royell "Vince" Vincent is a playable character in the DLC Lifeline, part of the Greyhound military company, colleague of Alicia Hawkes and Kilohana Young. In the Breakdown mode of State of Decay: YOSE, Vince is a hero character titled "The Joker".

Unlocking the characterEdit

  • In YOSE Breakdown, Vincent can be unlocked by creating snacks.

Missions involving Royell VincentEdit

  • Lifeline: Introduction: (the player, alongside with Kilo and Vince, head to Black Friday and help clearing the zeds off the landing zone).
  • Lifeline: High Value Targets: (the player, alongside with Kilo and Vince, find Dr.Horn).
  • Lifeline: Introduction: (Vince will lead the player, to an abandoned artillery site which can be established as an outpost that will provide Lifeline's variant of "Death from Above").(This mission will trigger even if the player has outpost on both artillery sites)

Trivia Edit

  • After meeting up with Greyhound-Two and failing to make it to the next siege, the only remaining member left of the group will be Vincent.


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