In State of Decay, maintaining a home site and keeping survivors happy requires balancing 5 types of resources: Food, Medicine, Ammo, Construction Materials and Fuel. Most of them are not used directly by character but consumed when building and upgrading facilities, creating items and various other activities.

Resources are randomly generated and can be scavenged from buildings throughout Trumbull Valley. To add the found resources to base supply, a survivor must load it into a rucksack and carry it back to the base's storage locker.

Resources can also be directly converted into consumable items by breaking a resource crate open when found in a container. Breaking open a resource crate provides a few items of the resource type (i.e Pile of Food becomes Snacks, Crate of Medicine becomes various types of Painkillers).

Food[edit | edit source]

The basic resource. Each survivor consume 1 unit of Food per day. They are also the most abundant.

Medicine[edit | edit source]

Perhaps the second most commonly found resource. Each injured/sick survivor consumes 1 unit of Medicine per day.

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

The daily consumption of ammo is based on various factors, the most important being the number of survivors in the home site and how safe they feel (i.e the number of known Hordes and Infestations around the base). It is also the unofficial currency after the apocalypse as all Trade Opportunity missions involve trading Ammo for other resources.

Construction Materials[edit | edit source]

Arguably the most needed resource, as it is required for the construction and upgrading of all facilities.

Construction Materials are consumed at the following rates: 2 units per day for the Home Location, 1 unit per day per survivor, and 1 unit per day per Outpost.

Fuel[edit | edit source]

Used for the creation of certain weapons (fire bombs) and filling Gas Cans for refueling vehicles, and is required at a minor cost for outpost traps.

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