"PERSONAL SKILL. I'm quicker and more agile than most."

Reflexes is a personal skill that influences the survivor's Stamina regeneration rate and provides extra combat moves that greatly improve the character's combat abilities.


"'If you want quicker Reflexes, you've got to take the fight up close and personal."
  • Reflexes is trained by killing zombies in Melee combat. This skill's XP gain rate seems unaffected by traits and facility bonuses, unlike Fighting.
  • According to game file, each single kill gives 10 points to Reflexes. Also, this skill does not benefit from the "Slaughter" feat.

Reflexes level DetailsEdit


  • The "points" part is data taken from game file (presumably XP requirement). Needs more testing.
  • Leveling up Reflexes does *NOT* gain Fame.
Level Points Description Benefits
1 -
  • Stamina Regeneration +0%
2 100

I could keep this up all day!

  • Stamina Regeneration +16%
3 200

Too slow, Mr. Zombie! (Class Specializations: Spin Kick, Sweep)

4 200 Just give me a second to catch my breath, and I'll be fine.
  • Stamina Regeneration +50%
5 300 Nope, my name's not Lee, Chan, Norris or Jaa. Why do you ask? (Class Specializations: Leap Frog, Quick Counter)
6 300 You know what they say about butterflies and bees, right?
  • Stamina Regeneration +83%
7 400 "Dodge this?" Don't mind if I do!
  • Stamina Regeneration +100%
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