Description and StatsEdit

Rally hatchback

"Top scores for handling and acceleration in its class.  Someone put a lot of their rent money into this.  Four seater."

  • Acceleration: 5/5
  • Top speed: 3/5
  • Handling: 5/5
  • Durability: 3/5
  • Seats: 4
  • Storage:4

Known VariantsEdit

  • Orange
  • yellow


  • The Rally Hatchback accelerates quickly and can reach a high top speed. However, its handling is sensitive, and players should take care when making quick turns as they can easily lose control of the vehicle. It resembles a Mk3 Volkswagen Golf VR6.
  • In the Xbox One edition of State of Decay, there is one rally hatchback which has the name 'Hippie hatchback' when viewed on the map. Oddly, It has no different livery or performance differences to the normal variant of the Rally Hatchback