Description[edit | edit source]

The Radio room is one of the prebuilt facilities in all home sites, except the Ranger Station. It cannot be built, upgraded or removed; and it is always manned by Lily Ritter.


Facility Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Command Center: If we work together, we'll find a way to survive

Facility Actions[edit | edit source]

Offer shelter to survivors: Attempt to make contact with another group of survivors. (100 Influence)

Ask about Food Caches: Ask about an area that has Food. (20 Influence)

Ask about Medicine Caches: Ask about an area that has Medicine. (20 Influence)

Ask about Material Caches: Ask about an area that has Construction Materials. (20 Influence)

Ask about Fuel Caches: Ask about an area that has Fuel. (20 Influence)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Accessing the Radio room from the base management screen allows the player to request a location to find Resource and to offer Shelter to wandering Survivors (See Survey Support).
  • Accessing the Radio Assistance menu allows the player to request a variety of assistance when exploring, such as calling Scavenger, establish Outposts, etc (See Field Support).
  • In terms of game mechanics, Lily uses the radio room to coordinate Missions between the player and their community members and missions between the player and neighboring Enclaves.

In game Pictures[edit | edit source]

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