Welcome to the Project page for the State of Decay Wiki!

What are ProjectsEdit

Projects are localized efforts to tackle jobs that are too big for a single survivor. Projects vary from person to person but the main goal of each project is to increase the consistency and quality of the wiki. In short, projects help the wiki maintain good aesthetics and professional skill.

Signing upEdit

Currently active projects are listed below, until we can get a more organized project system a limit to 1 survivor per project. If you would like to do more than one project that is fine. Just make sure no one else is doing it.

Active ProjectsEdit


  • Flesh out the game's info page
  • Edit Community Center - Hawkism (talk) 22:54, November 30, 2013 (UTC)
    • Editing the Community Corner will generate a notification for people who visit your wiki. It's a great place to let people know what type of community you are, how they can help, and to make announcements.
  • Remove any usage of the words "you", "your", or other similar words. The wikia should not reference the reader ( probably except in the walkthrough)
  • Put a link to this page on major pages for assistance (ThatChristmasKid)
  • Encourage members and contributers alike to use the SoDW Chat.
  • List of pages that need to be started: (ThatChristmasKid (talk) 09:41, August 13, 2014 (UTC))
    • Camp Sites
    • Tactical Tomahawk
    • Abandoned Sites
  • Expand Easter Egg section -Many are missing (ThatChristmasKid (talk) 09:41, August 13, 2014 (UTC))


  • Adjust wiki background image of State of Decay box art so that it displays on screens in a way that is more interesting and better shows what game the wiki is for. (Rrrowsdower)


  • Need a page that specifies game control for PC and XBOX version, and how to customize PC controls.
  • Need a page that explains in detail how to extract .pak files to peek into the game's various aspects.


  • More details needed on the individual pages for the various Firearms, Melee Weapons and Explosives (High-quality screenshots of infocard, in-game screenshot of the weapon, wikipedia or similar link to the real-world weapon it is based on, a photo of the real weapon). Note if survivors can spawn with specific firearms.
  • Please make sure the correct weapon name is used (i.e the name in the infocard). White spaces, capitalizations and special characters should be typed in as-is. Add a category to each page.
  • Add a note in the Melee Weapons and Firearms page, explaining the meaning of each symbols on the infocard.
  • Add pages for survivors that are constant (i.e encountered in missions, regardless of being playable or not) like Karen Tolbert or Doc Hanson. While most survivors have random first and last name, they are referred to in the characters.xml file with a single first and last name, that is the one they should be referred to. Random recruitable characters are not a focus right now, so please refrain from adding them. ( DanielTrippy )
  • More information on missions pages (screenshots of journal, possible outcomes if declined or failed, rewards, penalties, screenshots of mission progress if needed, trivia, etc). See pages in category Introduction Missions for examples.
  • Put a page specifically for survival strategies and replace the survival stratigies on the corresponding page with a link to the Survival strategies page. If this is confusing, message me and ill do my best to explain. (ThatChristmasKid )
    • Strategy pages are already created and put in category Tips. This category needs re-organizing.

For the Admins:Edit

  • Promote the Wikia. (Rrrowsdower)
  • Research possible plugin for cropping images
  • Fix links to actual destinations

Projects in progressEdit

  • Work on achievements for the State Of Decay Wikia. (Note: Wikia achievements) - (Undead Creed) (Finished by TCK)
  • Improved Navigation - (Undead Creed)Add walkthrough or missions to the top drop bar
  • Work on a new layout for the main page. Users that want to do this, please design a proposed design by creating it first on your User Page. The community will discuss what they like and we're work on improving the design championed.
  • Work on a theme.

Completed projectsEdit

  • Remove clone pages, blank pages, and the unneeded pages.
  • Standardize Weapon Templates for Firearms (Pistols, Revolvers, Assault Rifle, and Rifles Completed; OHWS and AR15 V.2 should be deleted, and Posse King (Alpha version of Ranch King) should be moved).