Police Cruiser

General Information
"Trumbull County bought these second hand off the Feds six years ago. They still have great speed and handling. Seats four (two uncomfortably)."

Lifeline DLC "Danforth standard police cruiser. They have great speed and handling. Seats four (two uncomfortably)."

Technical Specifications
Acceleration 4
Top Speed 5
Handling 4
Durability 4
Seats 4
Inventory Slots 6
Color Schemes Green-Creme

Blue-White (Lifeline)

The Police Cruiser is a vehicle in State of Decay and its Lifeline DLC.

The sheriff version is available only in the Trumbull Valley (State of Decay and Breakdown), and can be found in urban areas (one being near the Bronto Gas Station in Spencer's Mill).

The police version is available only in Danforth (Lifeline) and appears in few areas (one is the Police Station).

Performance Edit

Probably the best compromise of speed, handling and durability, the police cruiser is the car of choice to travel around Trumbull.

Being so good yet so rare, is better to not take too many hordes and, especially, don't engage Juggernaut, as two hit and it will become a wreck.

Being the only car with a siren (turned on momentarily by pressing L, Ctrl on PC by default; or toggled on/off with the A button on the 360 version) makes it the most effective car at luring zombies.

Trivia Edit

  • Resembles a second generation Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

Gallery Edit

  • Danforth Police Cruiser (Lifeline)
  • Trumbull County Sheriff Cruiser

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