Plague Walls are abominations and evolution of local Plague Hearts on Trumbull Valley. They are featured in the DLC of State of Decay 2: Heartland.

Description Edit

Blood Plague disease has made Trumbull Valley as its epicenter with most districts infested by Plague Hearts. This abundance pushed the latter to mutate further into Plague Walls, the next step of evolution caused by the Blood Plague.

The US Army were the first to discover the abomination by a special detached team of researchers. They were almost wiped out after a failed attempt to destroy a Plague Wall located at the Crashed Plane.

Plague Walls are largely different from Plague Hearts, they are massive structure of muscles and tissues with a protected heart as its main part. As it grows, it will fill up its infested structures turning it into non-lootable buildings or abandoned sites. They can also summon plague zombie for protection, while the armored heart nulls every weapon damages and without a specialized explosive to make it vulnerable, survivors' attempt to destroy it is nothing but a failure.

Distribution and Behavior Edit

Plague Walls act as a detached type of Plague Heart, both have the same behavior when attacked. Having a Plague Wall however had its surroundings turn red, but it is not guarded by Plague Zombies when entering its premises. Unlike the hearts, Plague Walls are able to summon even the Plague Freaks.

Plague Walls have a total of 3 Health Bars, adding the difficulty for a loner survivor to dispose, while the only explosive effective are Plague Busters which temporarily makes it vulnerable from any form of attacks except incendiaries.

Plague Walls on Trumbull Valley are found in only two districts, the one on the Crashed Plane and 4 others in the Marshall.

Crashed Plane Edit

The Plague Wall on this site sits on the central parts of the plane's cabin. The plane itself sits on the plain farmlands beside a military outpost.

Marshall Edit

Unlike the Crashed Plane, the Marshall's 4 Plague Walls has turned the town into a grotesque form, making its southern central part a world of its own.

Strategies Edit

The best way to eliminate a Plague Wall is to have a plenty of Plague Busters, noise decoys such as firecrackers, explosives, a trusty gun and lots of ammo, a melee expert survivor/ controlled, and to have a companion.


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