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Pastor William Mulroney is a non-playable character, one of the first survivors encountered at the Church of the Ascension. In the Breakdown DLC, he is a Hero character titled "The Believer".

Unlocking the Character Edit

Pastor William Mulroney is unlocked by earning 500 Fame. Challenge is available from level 1.

Special: Words of Inspiration Edit

  • To unlock this radio call, the player usually has to become very tired — often at −40 % Stamina. Shortly after moving in the church, after the player heads home with the tired character, the Pastor talks over the radio with one of his few speeches, and the Radio Command Words of Inspiration is then unlocked.
  • In Breakdown, having Pastor William in the community provides this radio call.

Storyline Edit

Pastor William used to be pastor at the Church of the Ascension, and normally goes on speaking words of wisdom or expressing his thoughts about God. An optimist by heart, he tends to keep a good mood, even when everyone else is freaking out. Sam Hoffman, another survivor, mentions a little later on that she used to help him with charities. After the player completes the mission: Home Away From Home, Pastor William becomes infected with Black Fever, identical to the symptoms of the man encountered at Savini Residence during said mission. The player may or may not receive a cutscene in which Alan Gunderson talks to Lilly about what has to be done. Some time after that, Alan will shoot the Pastor (and becomes infected with Black Fever himself). If Alan is not around to do so (due to him being missing or on a mission), the Pastor dies, reanimates and kills 2-3 survivors at home.

William's death can be prevented, there have been reports of a few methods. One of these methods is moving into the Snyder Trucking Warehouse as soon as possible, skipping the Kirkman Residence and Savini Residence entirely. If the player moves into the Savini Residence first, it is recommended that they spend very little time there and relocate to the Snyder Trucking Warehouse while doing as few story missions as possible. Another way is attempting to expel Alan. This will result in him staying in his own community, or Alan eventually dying later. If done right, the Pastor's sickness will disappear after a while. No method is guaranteed, William has been shot by Alan while healthy before, but this method have been found to work best.

Trivia Edit

  • In State of Decay, he is voiced by Patrick Seitz. In Breakdown, his voice set is the same as Ed Jones'.
  • In State of Decay 2, Lily Ritter mentions him in a radio broadcast saying he was one of the first survivors her group lost.

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