Parking Area is a facility used to park vehicles in. Vehicles parked here are repaired overnight if there is a Workshop or Machine Shop constructed.

Workshop can only repair body and tire damage, while Machine Shop can fully repair vehicles (body, tire, engine, doors, bumpers).

Facility Bonuses Edit

  • Parking Space — Space for one car. Cars left here overnight will be repaired a bit if we have a Workshop!
  • Auto Repair — Cars left here overnight will be repaired a bit. REQUIRES WORKSHOP
  • Supply Dropoff — All resources rucksacks contained inside the vehicle are automatically unloaded and added to storage. (All other items like weapons or consumables still need to be unloaded manually by the player)
  • Vehicle Upgrade — Apply appropriate vehicle mods to a parked vehicle (State of Decay 2). Note that this respawn trunk inventory and restores durability and gas.

Trivia Edit

  • Supply Dropoff was introduced in a patch just before the Lifeline DLC.

Gallery Edit

  • Parking Area sign
  • Car parked in Parking area

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