"This is the heart of the base, where the CO plans missions, makes strategic decisions, and researches new tactics."

The Operations Center is a new facility introduced in Lifeline. It includes all functionalities of the Library, along with a few new ones.

Facility BonusesEdit

Note: Refer to Traits (Lifeline) for descriptions of the leader traits

Survival TrainingEdit

A caring leader pays attention to their subordinates, and is constantly training them to be smarter, more observant soldiers. All soldiers gain Wits at twice the rate
  • Requires: A compassionate leader
  • Effects: double Wits gain rate

Strict RegimenEdit

A strict leader puts their subordinates through the paces, making sure every soldier makes the most of their nutrition and exercise. +10 stamina to every soldier.
  • Requires: A strict leader
  • Effects: 10 stamina bonus


A practical leader is always exploring new options and is ready with a backup plan in any disaster. Bonus to research rates.
  • Requires: An organized leader
  • Effects: 100% research rate



Tactics: Supply LinesEdit

While this order is active, soldiers will constantly scavenge for small amounts of supplies in the surrounding area.
  • Requires: 25 Influence, Commanding officer with Leadership skill
  • Effects: random resources are added to storage. Lasts 2 hours.

Tactics: Thin the HerdEdit

While this order is active, soldiers will hunt zombies around the perimeter to keep the Threat Level low, and make attacks less frequent.

Tactics: Search and RescueEdit

While this order is active, our unit will search the city for surviving soldiers to add to our ranks.


Research Solar Power

We need to build up the expertise it will take to replace our gas generator with a solar array.

Research Box MineEdit

  • Effects: Unlocks the ability to create Box Mines, unlocks Research Whistling Box Mine, Research Pipe Bomb.

Research Whistling Box MineEdit

  • Unlocks the ability to create Whistling Box Mines.

Research Pipe BombEdit

  • Unlocks the ability to create Pipe Bombs, unlocks Research Steel Pipe Bomb

Research Steel Pipe BombEdit

  • Unlocks the ability to create Steel Pipe Bombs.

Research Chemical Incendiaries

  • Unlocks the ability to create Chemical Incendiaries.

Research Potent Homemade Stims

  • Would allow us to create more effective stimulants (Uses up medical supplies.)