For the storyline mission with the same name, see Mission: Mount Tanner.

The Cabins by Tanner Lake

Mount Tanner is a starting location in State of Decay.

Description Edit

The starting location for the game is in a remote fishing camp at Mount Tanner State Park. It is a forested area that has a number of cabins, camping sites, and a lake. From the lake, a mountain, presumably Mount Tanner itself, is visible in the background, but not accessible to the player.

The destination's lack of communication with the outside world may be a prime motivator in the reason it was chosen as the starting tutorial area. The bridge leading to Spencer's Mill is blown out and the player is left to find another way to get to the other side of the gorge.

Marcus Campbell, Ed Jones, Maya Torres, Thomas Ritter, Wendell Higgins, and Sheila Brookstone are on Mt. Tanner when the game begins.

Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There is a painting of Mt. Tanner in the County Court House.
  • Mt. Tanner can be seen from many locations in Trumbull Valley.
  • There was once a mass spawning issue at Mount Tanner which could be triggered by constantly taunting at the end of the car park, causing hordes worth of zombies to spawn at the side of the middle cabin and various other places. This was patched in Title Update 2 (2013).

Gallery Edit

  • The painting of Mt. Tanner, as seen in the County Court House.
  • The Ranger Station.