Description and StatEdit

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Description and Stats

"Rugged, late model farm truck with enough seats to take the family out on the weekend. Seats six in a pinch."
  • Acceleration:3/5
  • Top speed: 3/5
  • Handling: 3/5
  • Durability: 4/5
  • Seats: 6
  • Storage: 6
  • Top Speed on rims:1/5
  • Acceleration on rims:0.5/5
  • Handling on rims:2.5/5

Known VariantsEdit

  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Sky Blue (Lifeline)
  • Blue with body kit (YOSE)
  • Sprang Van Rental livery (YOSE)
  • Fiery livery (YOSE)


  • The Modern Pickup is arguably one of the best vehicles to run over zombies thanks to its size and durability. With easy handling and a large passenger capacity, it can serve a survivor in a wide range of situations. As a trade off, it can achieve only moderate top speeds and can take a while to travel across Trumbull County.
  • The Modern Pickup is critically useful for bringing survivors to your base from enclaves, be it recruiting, or rarer, the simple instance where the scavenger's entire enclave has died.
  • The Modern Pickup is heavily based on a 2007-2013 GMC Sierra, specifically a "1500"(half ton) model, due to the five lug wheel configuration.
  • In YOSE, three new variants of the pickup are added, a blue variant with a small body kit, one with a flame paintjob and another with a Sprang Van Rental livery


  • Feral mechanic hard at work
  • Sky Blue Variant from Lifeline
  • From different worlds
  • Black variant from YOSE
  • Blue varian from YOSE