Mk2 grenade
The old pineapple grenade, I'm sure it's still ok after sitting around for 65 years.


  • Weight: 0.3
  • Cost: 8 Influence

Item ListEdit

This following item lists contain this item Note: S = State of Decay Storyline; B= Breakdown; L= Lifeline


  • The Mk2 Grenade is based on Mk 2 grenade, a fragmentation hand grenade used by the U.S. armed forces during World War II and in later conflicts including the Vietnam War.
  • Old description: You throw it.  It goes boom.  I hope.  Looks like this one's been around since The Great War.


  • The Mk2 Grenade in the Alpha build.
  • The real-life Mk2 Grenade, also known as Iron Pineapple due to its shape.