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When this mission is unlocked, Lily will forward a radio message to the players where Becca, the Grange's leader, is complaining about their poor defenses.

Get to The Grange's base and talk to Becca to begin the mission. The player's objective is to defend the NPCs from zombies while they build a Watch Tower. The attacks will come in several waves.

  • The first wave of zombie attacks the survivors building the tower. The number of zombies varies, and hordes can be attracted from the nearby road by accident. 
  • After fending off the first wave, the player will need to provide protection to workers carrying materials from a nearby Warehouse. Follow the marker and defend the survivor with a rucksack. Note that the builders will rush to aid as well, halting the building progress.
  • The next few zombie waves will alternate between attacking the builder group or the material-carrying group, and might include a Feral or Juggernaut. As the player is assisted by multiple NPCs, these Freak will not pose as much threat as in solo encounters. However, it still need to be taken down quickly.
  •  The final wave will attack the front of the base. Once the last zombie is killed, a small cutscene will play and the mission is complete.


  • While it is feasible to defend with melee weapons only, it is recommended that the player use a fast firing weapon like an Assault Rifle as it wipes out zombies quicker, allowing the mission to progress more quickly.
  • If the supply man is killed, the mission keeps progressing, but the character will be permanently missing from the Grange group.
  • During this mission, Becca talks to the player character about her one night stand with Quentin and the troubles it entails.
  • As Sheriff Carl makes an appearance at the end of this mission, completing it is required before the Courthouse Missions can end.
  • You can sometimes find a guy in a vest and black mask on that follows the player and does not get attacked by zombies. it is assumed that This is the same person Becca was talking about that would drive by in a truck
  • If the player saw Becca running away from the Grange's base before the mission starts, DO NOT find her and start the mission or the player will most likely fail the mission

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