"Home Away From Home" is an introduction mission in State of Decay.


  • Family Drama
  • Mission detail
  • Mission completed

When this mission is unlocked, Lily notifies you about some problem at home. When you get home, a cutscene starts where Lily and Jacob arguing in the main room of the church, and your character agrees with Jacob about how the Church is getting too small to support the survivors.

Once the conversation ends, talk to Jacob and agree to help him to find potential Home Sites to start the actual mission.

Jacob directs you to the Savini Residence at the nearby town of Marshall. Because of its distance, it is suggested that you drive. Once you arrive at the place, Jacob excitedly goes on about how this can be your perfect home site, and admitted he always wanted to live there. Before you can head inside, a man bursts out from the front door, dies and reanimates within seconds. As you take control, kill the newly turned zombie, who poses no real threat.

Shaken, Jacob suggests that you leave the area, and head to the next marker right in front of the Snyder Trucking Warehouse, another potential home base. A small cutscene occurs and the mission ends at this point.



Argument at home

Lily: I cannot believe you! You want to run away! Again!
Jacob: Come on, Lily, that's not fair.
Lily: You're right, it's not. We've built a home here, and you just want to abandon it because things are getting tough!
Player: What's going on?
Jacob: I was just trying to tell Lily that we need to start looking for a new place to live.
Jacob: We're too cramped in here, and our runners keep having to go farther and farther from the church to find supplies.
Player: Seems reasonable. Things have been pretty tight lately.
Lily: Fine. Then maybe you should bail on us, too.
<After Lily storms off>
Player: Should we…?
Jacob: Nah. Let her cool down. She'll come around eventually.
Jacob: Might not be a bad idea to get out of here for a while, though. Feel like going house hunting?
<Player accepts mission>
Jacob: Cool. Let's head down toward Marshall. I think I know a place that might suit us.
Jacob: Or we can just drive around and see what we see. Your call.

On the way

Player: So, what was that with you and Lily?
Jacob: Long story.
Player: Not much on the radio to fill the time.
Jacob: Good point.
Jacob: Our mom died when I was 13. Lily was nine.
Player: I'm sorry.
Jacob: Yeah. Anyways, not long after that was when Lily was diagnosed. Our dad… well, he was kind of a wreck.
Jacob: I had to pick up a lot of that slack. 'I need you to be a man and help take care of your sister, Jacob.'
Jacob: It was a lot for a kid to live up to, y'know? I didn't handle it well. As soon as I turned 18, I told my dad I was moving to Danforth to go to college.
Jacob: Oh man, he blew up. We had a huge fight, didn't talk for four years after that.
Jacob: I finally got back in touch with them a couple months ago. This was my first visit home.
Jacob: Anyway, I don't think Lily's quite forgiven me yet.

In front of the Savini Residence

Jacob: See? Check this place out. Big yard, a privacy wall we could fortify pretty easily… and check out that tree fort! We could turn that into a watchtower, easy!
Player: You seem awfully excited about this place.
Jacob: Yeah, well… when I was a kid, my best friend Sally lived in this house. I was so jealous, I always wanted it to be our house. ,
Jacob: Well, then let's take a look inside.
<A sick man opens the door.> Shaun: Who's… can't see… help me. <Shaun dies, reanimates, and is put down by the player.>
Jacob: What the hell was that?
Player: <GenericResponse_DontKnow>
Jacob: That… that didn't look like any kind of disease I've ever seen. You?
Player: <GenericResponse_No>
Jacob: Maybe… maybe we ought to go.

After the mission ends

Jacob: Well… that's one option, at least. Might be more out there if you look around.
Player: I'll think about it.
Jacob: Sure. Big decision, I get it. Just remember: tree fort.

After the mission ends, and all homesites has been surveyed / located

Jacob: Well… I think that's the most exhaustive survey of Trumbull County ever. I don't think we left any stone unturned. So, what do you think?
Player: I'll think about it.
Jacob: Sure. Big decision, I get it. Just remember: tree fort.

Some time after the mission

Lily: (radio) I guess we're moving on, huh?
Player: It's for the best.
Lily: (radio) <Sigh> I know. I'm sorry I blew up at you.
Player: Seems to me I'm not the one you should be apologizing to.
Lily: (radio) Yeah. Guess I owe Jacob one too.


  • Each potential homesite visited gives bonus Wits and Leadership
  • Marcus and Jacob witness a man dying and reanimating
  • Wrapping up the tour at Snyder Trucking Warehouse

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