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After you've earned the trust of a neighboring Enclave, they will eventually contact Lily saying they would like to join your Community. Head to their location and talk to any member there to start the mission.

The survivors will start gathering their stuff while you defend their house. When they are finished, lead them back to your base to complete the mission.


  • +10 Influence for the day (Plus influence gains for mission progress)
  • +25 Fame (Social Network)
  • +Trust (Friendship) with individual survivors.


  • It is a good idea for a survivor with Leadership skill (like Marcus) to do this mission, in order to maximize Trust from the new survivors, making them become Friends sooner. On the other hand, having 2-3 allies is a good opportunity to train combat skills or explore/search the area so some might prefer having a weak character to recruit new survivors.
  • Any items not yet taken by the player from the Enclave's security locker will be transferred to the player's home locker after mission is completed.
  • Compliment survivors after they kill zombies to increase trust.


  • Taking the survivors home

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