Military Pickup

General Information
"Rugged military vehicle, used domestically where diesel for the HUMMWV might be hard to come by. Six passengers."
Technical Specifications
Acceleration 3
Top Speed 4
Handling 4
Durability 5
Seats 6
Inventory Slots 6
Color Schemes Military

The Military Pickup is a military vehicle in Storymode (YOSE only), Lifeline DLC, and Breakdown DLC. In Story and Breakdown, you can find 3 in the area near the Trumbull County Fairgrounds.

While in Lifeline can be found scattered around Danforth, usually near military positions. Two can be found outside the Black Friday base, another near the military helicopter crash site.

You can also rarely get a military pickup in the original breakdown through the vehicle delivery command.

Performance Edit

Having higher top speed, handling and durability, it perfoms better than the Modern Pickup (on which is based), making it one of the best (if not the best) vehicle to use for travel, scavenging, missions and deal with hordes.

It can take out a Juggernaut and still get away, but since its numbers are limited is better to save it and use more common vehicles.


  • Military Pickup (Lifeline)
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