McReady Farmhouse


Central area

Built-in Facilities

Bedroom, Bunkhouse, Kitchen, Storage

Parking Spaces




Available Facility Slots

2 (Exterior), 1 (Interior), 1 (Watch Tower)

  • Exterior view
  • Facility slots

McReady Farmhouse is a home site in State of Decay. It consists of a large one story house and two sheds at the side. Near the front gate is a bear statue holding a "Welcome" sign. The whole place is surrounded by low walls.

Relocating requirements Edit

Location and Environs Edit

The Farmhouse is located at the end of a dirt road to the southwest of Spencer's Mill. Starting from the farm where the player rescued Jacob (Lily's brother), head straight to the T intersection and turn right (south); the road eventually turns left into an area with a barn to the north and the house to the south.

This homesite is located in the middle of an open field, with the only building near it being a barn.

Facilities Edit

The built-in facilities of this home site include: Bedroom, Bunkhouse, Kitchen, and Storage Room. Four additional facility slots are available: 2 exterior, 1 interior and 1 "Gate" (can only build Watch Tower). 3 parking spaces and 6 outpost slots are available.

Base Storage Capacity Edit

Note: Listed below is the storage capacity after the built-in Storage Area has been fixed up

Advantages and Disadvantages Edit

Due to its remote location, it is impossible to create a safe area with Outposts around the farmhouse. The only building next to it, a barn, might provide some level of protection, but is ineffective against more than one horde. As a result, survivors living here are constantly threatened by zombies spawning literally a few steps away from the home site. In addition, on occasions where multiple zombie hordes are spawned ("Too many hordes" event), player intervention is often required to clear hordes, otherwise they risk the chance of hordes attacking home or survivors go missing/get injured due to hordes. This makes it harder to concentrate on scavenging.

Regarding ease of traveling, as Jacob Ritter noted during the Home Away From Home mission, going anywhere from the farmhouse requires driving, as there are very few scavenge spots near it. Another disadvantage is the scarcity of vehicles close to the homesite. Because of the surrounding area's geography, durable vehicles with off-road capabilities such as the Modern Pickup or Old Pickup are recommended.

In addition to the scarcity of scavenge spots, the area around the Farmhouse (Fields, Ochards, Houses and Warehouses surrounded by US Route 406) does not offer much in terms of resources and items variety. The only abundant resource is, not surprisingly, Food (which is abundant anywhere else in Trumbull Valley, anyway) and farming tools-turned-melee weapons.

The Farmhouse is not without its strong points. Due to the lack of buildings nearby, most Infestation are out in the open, which are trivial to take care of. Also, AI-controlled survivors on scavenging runs only have to go in a straight line with little obstructions (as long as the scavenge spot is within the farmland area), and are usually easily accessible if they need assistance, both these facts contribute to a relatively short scavenge time.

Deciding which facilities to build depends greatly on how long the player plans to stay at the Farmhouse. For both long-term and short-term stay, the sole interior slot should be used for a Medical Area (upgrading to Infirmary is useful, but not compulsory in case of short-term stay). If players plan to stay here long, constructing a Machine Shop and Storage Area in the remaining slots is advisable. Otherwise, they can build two Storage Areas to hoard resources around the Farmhouse, then move on to another Home site.

Overall, the Farmhouse are more suitable for players looking for a challenge than those looking for a safe and practical home site to settle for a long period of time.

Trivia Edit

  • The homesite's name might be a reference to the protagonist MacReady (played by Kurt Russell) in John Carpenter's The Thing.
  • The homesite's interior is almost identical to that of the Kirkman Residence and a random lootable house.

Gallery Edit

  • exterior view
  • Interior view. Note the similarity to Kirkman Residence

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