Maya Torres is the second playable character in State of Decay. She is assisted by Marcus Campbell and Ed Jones when she was attacked by zombies on Mount Tanner, near the Ranger Station. In the DLC Breakdown, Maya is a hero character known as "The Veteran".

Unlocking the character

In State of Decay, Maya becomes playable immediately after the player rescues her. In Breakdown, she is unlocked by reaching level 5.

Missions involving Maya Torres


After Marcus and Ed assist her with killing off the attacking zombies, Maya explains she was on a hunting trip with two others from her unit (Colton and Strand), who had just been killed moments earlier.

Maya's rank is Corporal. If she is sent to speak with the Sergeant Erik Tan in the mission "Army Sighting", it is revealed that they served together in Afghanistan and she was a corporal.


Marcus Campbell - Along with Ed Jones, he comes to assist Maya as she was attacked by zombies near the Ranger Station. Maya seems to admire Marcus and his leadership, following him off Mt. Tanner, even as far as allowing him to lead.

Ed Jones - Along with Marcus Campbell, he comes to assist Maya as she was attacked by zombies near the Ranger Station. Maya tends to find Ed ignorant, as she dropped many hints she was in the army, yet he still questioned if she was. However, she is shown to care a decent amount towards Ed, for if the Player is playing as her upon arriving at the Church, she is sickened at the idea of putting Ed out of his misery.

Erik Tan - While not too much is known about their history, the two address each other if the player initiates the mission "Army Sighting" as Maya. It is revealed that they served in Afghanistan together two years earlier.

Lily Ritter - Maya is grateful upon receiving shelter at the Church of the Ascension, which was due to Lily convincing the others to let the trio in. If Maya dies, Lily says that "she [Maya] was one of them from the start, and wishes she had gotten to know her better".

Colton and Strand: Two men from Maya's unit who accompany her on a hunting trip to Trumbull Valley, but are killed by zombies moments before Marcus and Ed arrive. Not much else is known about them.


  • In storyline mode, Maya is temporarily immortal until the player reaches the Church of the Ascension.
  • Depending on how quick the player acts after hearing the gunshots, the "Distant Gunshot" mission plays out differently. In most cases, Maya needs help fending off the zombies; however, if the player gets to her soon enough, she can be seen dispatching the whole pack of zombies even before they reach her and the cutscene immediately starts.
  • Voice Actress: Mariel Neto.
  • Maya's fate is never directly stated, meaning by the time of State of Decay 2, she may still be alive.


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