Marshal Fire Station No 1 is a building that was once used for storing firefighting vehicles, equipment and other apparatus for Marshall City Fire Department, which supposedly provided fire protection services for Marshall City and the surrounding areas of Trumbull Valley. After the outbreak, the station was completely abandoned like most buildings in the valley.
Marshall Fire Dept.

A destroyed fire engine can be found on US Route 406 near the east Marshall bridge. There is no indication of the fate of its crew or the rest of the fire department. This is also the only known fire engine seen in the game.


The Fire Station is located on the southern road of east Marshall, between a few houses and Cronenberg Elementary School. The department has a large, three-bay garage which now stands empty, as well as a small office and dormitory building.

Opportunities and RisksEdit

The Fire Department building is searchable, and houses several containers. Items are randomly generated, as with other buildings in State of Decay, although the building does seem to be scripted to lean toward dispensing an ax or two. Medical supply caches also seem to be common, making the Fire Department building a likely source for medical supplies if a survivor base is running low.

Zombie activity in the area comes primarily from the surrounding residential homes, although the wide grass area that runs behind the southern houses and Fire Department building can become inhabited by Juggernaut-type freak zombies. Provided adequate reconnaissance is conducted, along with some pre-clearing with a vehicle, overall risks should be relatively low. As always, Feral zombies are a potential threat, so cautious movement and quiet searching are recommended.

During the mission The Law, the building has a high chance to be one of the infested locations.


  • Interior view of Garage.
  • Exterior view of Garage
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