Marshall is a city located in the south-west area of Trumbull Valley, and is the primary location for most mid-game storyline missions. Its sprawling size, density of buildings, and substantial zombie infestation make Marshall a hazardous place following the zombie outbreak.

Location and Layout Edit

Situated in the southern to southeastern edges of the Trumbull Valley map, Marshall is served by two bridges from US Route 406. It lies to the south of the river the parallels the Loop and is itself divided in two by a tributary river. The city is easily divided into two unequal parts, east and west, by the river that bisects the town. The halves of the town are quite different from each other.

East Marshall Edit

The more commercial area of town, east Marshall is heavily built-up, with a cluster of two story buildings along the town's main street. Much of the high-density construction is closer to the river dividing Marshall to the west. The eastern portion of east Marshall is largely single-family dwellings and a few light commercial buildings, including a Bronto Gas Station and junkyard.

Marshall's largest building, the County Court House is found by the picturesque park built along the river that divides Marshall. It is a three-story building that takes up half of a city block. Following the zombie outbreak, it is the only building in east Marshall that has been visibly barricaded and secured.

Noteworthy locations in east Marshall also include the police station, Marshall Fire Department, Blaine's Grocery, The Alamo restaurant, Big Daddy's Auto Repair, and Campbell Used Cars.

West Marshall Edit

A sharp contrast to east Marshall, the western half of the town is far more sparsely built and is largely industrial. Several warehouses dominate the west Marshall landscape, including the massive Snyder Trucking Warehouse in the far western edge of town. Smaller industrial outfits, including construction companies and the Zippcomz building are nearby. A utility transformer farm and warehouse are located by the river, downhill from the Snyder warehouse.

The eastern half of west Marshall, along the dividing river, is mostly single-family homes, including the Savini Residence. The ridge neighborhood, located on a wooded hillside to the south of west Marshall, is also a collection of single-family dwellings.

Noteworthy locations in west Marshall also include a Bronto Gas Station, a gun shop, and a Tartan Mini Mart.

Post-Outbreak Edit

Marshall, with its high concentration of buildings and businesses of nearly all types, is both high risk and high reward. The zombie population in the area is high, reinforced with a robust mix of Freaks. Any of the freak-class zombies will appear anywhere in Marshall, including the deadly Feral. Juggernauts will typically appear in the wide, joined yards of houses on the edge of Marshall, such as those along the mountain or in the ridge neighborhood of west Marshall. Careless survivors who make too much noise may find themselves swarmed by zombies, and hordes are commonplace.

However, supply caches of every description, including rare ammunition resources, can be found in Marshall's ruins. Consequently, all survivors ultimately end up running salvage in Marshall.

Particular care must be taken when driving into or out of Marshall, as both the east and west Marshall bridges are partially blocked by vehicle wreckage that cannot be moved. While the west Marshall bridge can be navigated with relative ease and speed, the presence of more wreckage, as well as a prominent ditch, make navigating the east Marshall bridge more difficult. Additional wrecks litter the town, and several destroyed vehicles on main street form a series of chicanes which can catch the unprepared driver by surprise.

Survivors in Marshall are well-advised to do most traveling by vehicle, as zombies are both present in great numbers and vulnerable to vehicle strikes. Additionally, the ability to flee the area if zombies prove overwhelming can be life saving.

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Trivia Edit

  • There is a helicopter crashed into a building on the west side of the town.
  • The large letter "M" on the hillside, viewable from most parts of the city, stands for Marshall (or in an early build of the game, McMillanville). It is an instance of Hillside letters, a form of geoglyph very common in the American West. There are about 500 of these in the USA, mostly on the west half.
  • The original name of the town of Marshall was McMillanville, but, during the early development of the game, the developers changed it to the current name, as evidenced by the early map of the town found in the game's data.

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