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M107 cq

"Fires the .50 BMG. For anti-materiel missions."


  • Accuracy: 5/5
  • Noise: 5/5
  • Recoil: 5/5
  • Durability: 2/5
  • Magazine size: 10+1
  • Ammo: .50 Cal
  • Can suppress: No
  • Scope: Yes
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs (20 lbs in Breakdown)

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Note: S=State of Decay storyline; B=Breakdown; L=Lifeline


  • The M107 CQ is based on the Barret M82 (standardized by the US Military as the M107), an anti-materiel rifle chambered for .50 BMG rounds. The variant depicted is the CQ, which sports a shorter barrel than the standard M107.
  • Mickey Wilkerson uses his custom variant of M107 CQ named Eli if the player chooses to call for Sharpshooting.
  • This rifle is among the rarest and most powerful in State of Decay. A body shot can instantly shred any zombie except Juggernauts. However, the rare ammo, massive recoil and extremely loud noise makes it very risky to use.
  • In Breakdown, The M107 CQ's weight is increased to 20 lbs (to better match its real-life version, which weighs nearly 30 lbs), so it instantly encumbers any non-Powerhouse character, reducing its usability even more.


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