Character Info
Lily Dossier Photo Lily Ritter

"Our lifeline in the field."

Traits Asthma Attacks, Chronic Fatigue, Gossip, Loved Books, Loved Movies
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Gossip, Literature
Inventory Cracked Pipe, G22
Relations Thomas Ritter (Father)

Jacob Ritter (Brother)

Lily Ritter is a non-playable character in State of Decay and the DLC Breakdown. She is one of the first survivors the player makes contact with; in fact she is the one who contacts with the player and directs Marcus, Maya and Ed to join her at the first home site, Church of the Ascension. She stays at the Church of the Ascension along with Sam, Alan and Pastor Will, as well as her father Thomas Ritter and brother Jacob Ritter before they went missing.

As the community's radio operator, Lily acts as "mission control", notifying and reminding players of new missions, and occasionally providing advice.

Backstory and Personality Edit

Lily was diagnosed with Lupus when she was 9 years old, shortly after her mother died. This sent her father, Thomas, into depression and created a lot of burden on her brother Jacob. When Jacob was eighteen years old, he declared his intention to move to the city, leading to a big fight with Thomas, and the two didn't speak for years. Jacob had just come back home shortly before the outbreak started, then the three took shelter at the Church.

Lily is the first person to contact the survivors via radio, albeit by accident, as she was trying to reach her father. After hearing your story she offers shelter on the condition that "Your friend (Ed) doesn't look too dicey."


  • Lily is the only character that cannot die throughout the entire game
  • While Lily cannot be killed as said above, she can become sick; furthermore, since she is stationed in the Radio Room instead of staying in the Medical Area, it is quite possible for her to to remain sick for long periods of time if not permanently.
  • A billboard in Lifeline can be found with the words,"Give a spleen, save a life", and a picture of Lily.
  • Lily can be made a playable character by modding the game.
  • Lily makes an appearance in State of Decay 2 as a member of "The Network", an unseen group of survivors that can provide supply drops and other services to your community via the radio.
  • Lily is the only survivor from the first game confirmed to have made it out of Trumbull Valley alive, and the only other confirmed character from the first game (besides Sasquatch from Lifeline) to make an appearance in the sequel.


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